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Let Us Do The Hunting For You

Amanda Wilkins

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Why can't you buy in this market?

The housing market in this popular region of ours is a tough place to operate with low stock levels and prices remaining relatively high, even with some noticeable adjustments in recent weeks. Successfully navigating the market in 2023 is a challenging task and can be time-consuming and frustrating. Buyers scouring through website portals and making the odd phone call to an estate agent can be as about imaginative as it gets.There are many other ways to find your perfect property and for those in 'the know' there are far more options and opportunities than first meets the eye.

You probably hear lots of stories around uncovering the holy grail, ‘off market’ property, and wonder why these opportunities don’t come your way. In my experience, these can only be uncovered if you are an attractive proposition to the seller.

Negotiation and price is key in every purchase but off market property holds its own drivers which could be discretion, timing and importantly how fit you are to get over the finish line and a clear run to exchange and completion.

Saving money and time

To buy in the current market takes a great deal of time and preparation. Working tirelessly with close contacts and direct owners to seek and match on, off and pre-market opportunities, together with an effective team of property experts we provide professional, practised support to make our clients attractive above all others. Instead of using up your valuable time to visit unsuitable properties that looked great on paper, we as expert property finders can view potential properties for you, with a full report, photographs or video so you can see everything you need to without traveling until you know it’s really worth it.

What to pay for the right property in 2023

When all the hunting is over, viewings done and you decide on the perfect property, we’ll guide you on the most sensible and realistic offer; handling the sensitive negotiations for you to ensure you get your dream home for the best price. We do this by conducting research into local market trends, and recently sold nearby comparable properties which provide insight as to whether you should offer below, on guide or even over. The market is readjusting and finding a new normal so it’s likely there may be wiggle room on price.

From house to home

Once the offer is accepted, our job does not stop here as we continue to help push through conveyancing and speak to all parties regularly to make sure the sale is on track. My clients are always up to date on progress and together we are usually very active meeting decorators, designers, builders, gardeners, movers and other local community groups to help get them settled into their new home.

If you are struggling to find the perfect property contact Amanda Wilkins for a no obligation initial discussion to learn how she may be able to help you.


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