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Analogue Wonderland

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Analogue Wonderland are excited to announce their new Lab, aptly named the Analogue WonderLab!

After three years of making film photography fun and accessible by providing shooters with a
broad range of films via their online store, Analogue Wonderland have made the next big step and are opening a processing lab.

Customers will be able to order a range of developing and scanning options through the
website, after which they’ll receive simple instructions for generating a FREE TRACKED
postage label to send in their negatives with ultimate peace of mind.

The WonderLab has been set-up by Marina Llopis, a veteran of labs and studios from around the world. She trained at the IINO Media Pro studio in Tokyo before doing stints in developing labs in Spain and the UK and has recruited a small team of devoted lab technicians - and film shooters! - to join her. The combination of her technical expertise and professional experience makes her the perfect person to run the WonderLab - as one of the few female-led labs in Europe.

The WonderLab has significant long-term goals to make the process of developing and printing films more sustainable. At launch the WonderLab will use ‘best practices’ from top labs around the world to minimise the environmental impact of developing film, dealing with everything from plastic waste to chemical disposal. At the same time the team are investing significant resources into new products, research and collaboration to push these ‘best practices’ even further. At launch the WonderLab will be able to process and scan colour C-41 and B&W for 35mm, 120, disposable cameras and 110 films (some restrictions apply).

More chemistries and processes will be made available over the coming months, starting with E6, as we work towards being able to process every film available to shooters today. Including all speciality types and formats as well as standard.

So, whether it’s a roll of holiday snaps shot on 35mm colour film for posting on Instagram - or a premium roll of B&W medium format for a client - the Analogue WonderLab will look after your films and provide a fast, professional service to give you fantastic results every time!

For local shooters in the Buckinghamshire / Oxfordshire area it will be easy to drop off films directly for processing at their location in High Wycombe and pick up a couple of days later to enjoy the results.


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