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Asnew Upholstery

Sustainable Since 2002 

“At the core of Asnew is reupholstery”
Asnew Lifestyle

Asnew Upholstery: Reupholstery - New Furniture - Bespoke - Window Treatments

“Reupholstering and reusing furniture is hugely beneficial for the environment – it reduces the effects of global warming, helps save our plants, trees and forests. As it stands, only 17% of furniture is being recycled, and UK landfill sites are filled with hundreds of thousands of old pieces of furniture each year.”

Sustainable since day one

At the core of Asnew is reupholstery, where it all began. Reupholstery is a key aspect of sustainability and has been one of the company’s main values from day one. Asnew’s founders, Gary, and Jeremy, hated to see perfectly good quality furniture ending up in landfill, and since they had the skills and vision, they decided to make it their mission to do something about it. They established the company in 2002, with the determination that its name would be enough to promote what it was all about, and so Asnew was born.

How the company grew

In the early days reupholstery was the focus of Asnew, but over the years clients would ask if the company could make a new footstool, chair or even a sofa to sit alongside their existing reupholstered pieces. It made perfect sense and, with a trusted frame maker on board, Asnew started to produce bespoke pieces of furniture for clients, with great success.

We will always do our best for both our client and the environment, reupholstering and repairing pieces whenever possible. However, we are also honest with our clients, and if the quality of their furniture is not worth reupholstering, Asnews' new collection offers them the perfect lifetime solution.

It was in 2014 with the skills from an ever-growing team, that Asnew launched their first furniture range. In 2023 this has undergone a refresh with exciting new pieces of furniture being introduced into the collection.

New furniture for life

Our commitment to produce timeless furniture to the highest quality that supports the sustainable reupholstery values of Asnew. The new collection is designed to suit any interior and can be the starting point of a client's scheme when moving into their first home and can equally sit comfortably next to any existing style of furniture. If dealing with a tricky space and the sizes are not quite right, Asnew offer a bespoke service where items can be modified for the perfect fit.

The furniture range has been designed to be timeless and so won’t go out of fashion, meaning it can be passed down the generations with minimal environmental impact. We are confident in saying that all of our frames have a lifetime guarantee.

New and exciting

Even more exciting news, all of the pieces of furniture from our new range can be made using 100% biodegradable materials, reducing the need for foam and the use of chemicals. This is an aspect of the business we are growing so keep your eyes peeled for more information and follow us on this exciting journey.

Looking for something a bit different? Old and New together…

In addition, Asnew buys antique pieces of furniture which are lovingly reupholstered and then available to purchase from the ‘ready to buy’ range.

They can also source antique pieces of furniture and reupholster them to fit within your interior scheme; this is a great option to add character and charm to your home. To find out more, come and see for yourself.

Book your appointment

At Asnew, we are proud of our heritage and commitment to sustainable furniture restoration, design, and production. We are excited to launch our new range of handmade furniture, which we know will last for decades, bringing pleasure and comfort to generations of families. We would love to share our company vision with existing and future customers, so book an appointment to visit our workshop and showroom at Abingdon where you can not only explore our exciting new range, but also view the workshop where the pieces are made, and meet the people making them.

Key Sustainable Points:

  • Staff have been employed for generations from the same family.
  • The frames, components, materials, and fabrics are ethically sourced.
  • We only use FSC certified wood.
  • Asnew’s client base is predominantly UK, meaning shipping and delivery is kept to a minimum.
  • The traditional production techniques are inherently sustainable with each piece of furniture made by hand.
  • Quality and durability are at the heart of everything produced.
  • The workshop is full of exceptionally skilled craftsmen and women.
  • Continual in-house training for existing and new staff. |


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