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Traditionally the bride’s family might have covered wedding costs but for some couples this isn’t an option. While some will save for their big day or max out their credit cards, others are looking to cut costs by going small. Last year online searches for micro-weddings in the UK increased by almost 20%. Whether it’s cutting cost or wanting less formality, it’s certainly an emerging trend so we were fascinated when Navri Jewellery got in touch with OX Weddings to share their interview with Amber Rainbow, the Australian bridal MUA who held her ceremony and reception at her parent’s home in Victoria, Australia.

Of course, houses in the UK don’t usually tend to such grand proportions but nonetheless this is a trend which could really take off in the UK. With just 30 guests, DIY decorations and cocktails and canapes instead of the traditional wedding breakfast, Amber estimates she cut around £10,000 from her wedding budget. Generally, the guest list at a micro wedding is thirty people or less. Amber admits there was some difficulty choosing who would attend but managed to keep everyone happy by having a larger celebration after the event.

She adds: “It was difficult but the way we organised the ceremony was to invite immediate family, so parents, grandparents, siblings and our bestest of friends who would be in the bridal party. Everyone else was very understanding as we invited them to the reception for the celebration which worked out amazing.”  

Initially the couple had envisioned a big celebration but as Amber admits, “we didn’t really know what we were doing when we first started planning the wedding. When we first got engaged the planning was all for a big wedding at a fancy venue with all the bells and whistles. A positive pregnancy test changed all that and we decided to scale down because we wanted to be married before our daughter came along.” 

While opting for just thirty guests helped to significantly reduce costs, but Amber says being able to host the ceremony and celebration at her parents’ home was perhaps the most significant factor in minimising the overall cost. “The venue was the biggest save”. And, instead of a sit-down meal, the couple opted for a cocktail party: “Our friends and family are mingling people, so everyone likes to wander and have a chat with one another…it was great.”

As well as documenting her budget wedding journey on TikTok (and gaining nearly 2 million likes) Amber also used social media for decoration inspiration. “Jump on TikTok and Instagram, there are so many DIY ideas on there that are incredible. I made my own welcome sign, I got faux flowers from the $2 shop to decorate the backdrop, the table, the welcome sign and the staircase. I also found some £1-to-£3 frames at the [charity shop] for our table signs.”

A micro wedding allowed Amber and Jake to have a less stressful day, a more intimate wedding and enjoy their special day, all while saving money. She is now a micro-wedding advocate and is releasing a budget bride ebook with tips and savings to help others.

“I didn’t expect it [TikTok] to blow up, it’s quite nice knowing I am helping those who want a boujee wedding but didn’t have a massive budget, the same as me. It was overwhelming but I love that it’s helped others. You don’t have to break the bank to have the perfect day, it shouldn’t be about outdoing another or feeling the pressure because of social media. It should be about making your beautiful commitment special for yourself and your love.” 

All images © Narvi Jewellery and Amber Rainbow (tiktok/@amberr_rainbow)

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