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Beauty Lovers: Latest Aldi Dupes


Planning the big shop this weekend? Check the middle aisle at Aldi for some of its most successful dupes yet. The fantastic Lacura range continues to hit the mark when it comes to giving us what we want at affordable prices. For those craving Rare Beauty’s phenomenal pigmentation and subtle colours, check out the £3.99 Liquid Blush range – we love Orchid Pink. Highlighters coat the skin in shimmering radiance and will help you make the most of this extended sunny spell. Also – timely for the heatwave – is Lacura’s Anti-Humidity Wonder Spray (£4.99). Looks familiar? Wow `– we’re not surprised.

Don’t miss the fragrances at £5.99 each. There’s a gourmand selection to choose from. Intense Passion is a sugary sweet white floral with delicious vanilla and caramel notes. Liquid Luxe is also heavy on the vanilla, tempered with musk and amber woods. The real star in our opinion is Cardinal Red, which fans of cult favourite, Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s Baccarat Rouge 540 are going to love. Soft, woody and literally mouth-watering, there’s sensual jasmine and sharp saffron playing beautifully with Amberwood and cedar.

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Thu 9 May 2024

When your brain is grappling with vows, table-plans and floral arrangements, planning your pre-wedding skincare schedule can feel quite overwhelming. There are so many choices, all promising results but will they deliver in a single one hour-long treatment? I went to Dr Joney De Souza’s clinic in Blandford Street, London W1 to try the Brazilian Zero Downtime Facial.

dentist studio mj6hqq
Wed 1 May 2024

National Smile Month starts on 13 May and it’s ironic, but usually a trip to the dentist isn’t too much to smile about. I guess it depends on the dentist, though. I went down to London’s Wimpole Street to meet Dr Tom Crawford Clarke of Luceo Dental to find out more about teeth whitening.

little beast m8cpfy
Wed 1 May 2024

Little Beast soap bars come from the Little Soap Company and are available in a choice of three varieties for Sensitive Dogs (with sweet almond oil, oatmeal and chamomile), Scruffy Dogs (with pink clay, shea butter and a refreshing citrus scent) and…there’s no polite way of saying this…Smelly Dogs.

House of Colour wpsvwn
Wed 1 May 2024

Skincare brand, Perricone MD set the bar high with the No Makeup collection which includes natural-looking mascara, highlight, a foundation serum, and an invaluable blush. This range has just