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Best UK staycation holiday ideas


The days of restrictions on international travel may be well behind us now but one thing that UK holidaymakers have learned over the last few years is that there's a lot to discover on our own doorstep. So-called 'staycations' – holidays spent without leaving the country – have seen a big boom in recent years.

No matter what kind of break gets you refreshed and rejuvenated - whether it's the tranquillity of a countryside escape or an adrenaline-fueled active holiday - it's within reach in the UK. Here are a few ideas for some time off close to home.

Coastal escapes

The UK is blessed with stunning coastal destinations perfect for a relaxing getaway. Cornwall – idyllic from St Ives to Newquay – tops the list with its beautiful beaches, charming fishing villages and excellent surfing spots. For a more serene experience, head to the Northumberland coast, where you can explore historic castles like Bamburgh and enjoy unspoiled beaches.

Countryside retreats

The Great British countryside is hard to beat if you’re seeking some peace, with no shortage of places to get away from the hustle and bustle. The Lake District manages to feel tranquil even while bringing in more than 18 million visitors every year thanks to its ideal conditions for hiking, boating and exploring quaint villages. There’s also the rolling hills and picturesque stone villages of the Cotswolds, plus the dramatic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

Road trips

Freedom and flexibility define the appeal of the road trip – it doesn’t take much more than securing motorhome insurance for your campervan to get you ready to go wherever you want, on your terms, with some hidden gems to be found. The North Coast 500 in Scotland is a spectacular route that takes you through rugged coastlines and historic sites, while the Atlantic Highway in south-west England offers stunning coastal views and the chance to visit iconic locations like Tintagel Castle. It’s an approach to a holiday that lets you tie together as much or as little as you want to get done at a pace that suits you.

City breaks

Densely packed with culture, history and entertainment, the UK’s major cities are perfect for short breaks. You could come back to London once a year and try new world-class museums, theatres and events each time without repeating yourself, while the atmospheric Edinburgh offers a beguiling mix of medieval and modern attractions. Perhaps one of the country’s most exciting weekend breaks can be found in Liverpool, with its vibrant music scene and cultural landmarks.

Adventure holidays

You might not think it at first but the UK has plenty to delight thrill-seekers. Snowdonia in North Wales is renowned for its outdoor activities, from mountain biking to coasteering along the Pembrokeshire coast. The Peak District offers fantastic hiking, climbing and cycling opportunities amid breathtaking scenery, while the Scottish Highlands cater to adventurers with activities like skiing in winter and kayaking or mountain biking in summer​.


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