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Compton Verney: Our Bridge Needs Your Help


Our iconic bridge is about 250 years old and it's in real need of some tender loving care. Every year, about 13 million steps are taken across the bridge, making it one of the busiest points on our whole estate.

A Grade II* listed structure, our beautiful bridge is a historically significant piece of eighteenth-century architecture and design, commissioned especially for our landscape by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and constructed in the 1770s.

But the bridge is more than that. For nearly 130,000 people last year it was the gateway to art, nature, and creativity; a meeting point; an observation platform for amazing wildlife; the first moments of marriage; a light trail; and a key part of what makes Compton Verney’s landscape so special.

This iconic landmark now requires specialist work to safeguard its future. Over the years its balusters have cracked and loosened, frost has damaged the structure, ashlar needs repairing and one of the stone spheres needs extensive repairs. This work will cost around £30,000.

As a registered charity, our mission is to make world-class art, nature and creativity available to all, whilst preserving our historic site and collections for the public. With the financial ramifications of the pandemic still being felt and the new impact of rising costs and energy prices affecting much of what we do, these are challenging times, and your support is crucial.

We understand that many of you are facing the same challenges, but if you feel able to support this campaign then you can do so here or, alternatively, you can contact us at if you’d like to talk to us about how you can support us.

You can make your donation go further with Gift Aid - if you're eligible, please tick the Gift Aid box at the checkout to help us claim an extra 25p for every £1 you donate, at no cost to you.

Donate here.


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