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Could you find it in your heart to help a special cat this Valentine's day?

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Would you like to help one of our rescue cats but haven’t the time? The accommodation? Or maybe you have an allergy…

I’m happy to say that you can still make a big contribution to the life of one of our furry friends by sponsoring one of our cats with special needs.


These are the cats who have come into our care who are perhaps too elderly, or have a medical condition which makes them unattractive to many would-be adopters. Instead they live out a comfortable life with a special fosterer from Sunshine Cats and the charity contributes to their care and veterinary bills.

This is where you could help. We have set up a sponsorship scheme whereby you could contribute an amount, however large or small, either monthly or annually to help meet these expenses.

Or- here’s another idea- you could give a sponsorship for a year in the name of a feline-loving friend or relative as a present. You will receive a certificate and information about your chosen cat. £20 per cat is the minimum donation.


Take a look at the sponsor cats on our website and Sponsorship Page

Thank you for caring

Please make sure your pets are chipped and neutered


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