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Currently Craving: A Duty of Kair


Looks like a beauty brand, smells like a beauty brand, ethics like a beauty brand. Not a beauty brand, though. Kair confounds the duck test, as it is, in fact, designed for your laundry.

Kair is ticking all my boxes this month. First, in keeping for our March theme, it is a women-founded company; Sally Hughes had a career working in the fashion industry before turning to her attention to the ‘other end’ of fashion – care for our clothes. This takes me onto sustainability: Sally’s response to Buy Less Wear More was to focus on laundry and with that in mind Kair was born.

Using bespoke, premium fragrances, all formulations are cruelty-free, vegan biodegradable and packaged in refillable and recyclable glass bottles (which have the added benefit of looking modishly bouji in your laundry room). Refills are available and each element of your needs has been catered for with versions designed for delicates and activewear alongside the signature washes and conditioners. I’ve got very into the Finishing Spray (think posh Febreze) for between wash freshen-ups – another useful way to save on excessive energy waste (both for me, and the planet).

From £16


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Celebrity hair stylist Gemma Nelson is the director of Cotswold Hair Extensions. She offers the finest quality Beauty Works hair extensions. Whether you want volume, thickness or length there are several different methods and colours available to achieve that fabulous look you desire.