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Currently Craving: A Snuggy


First things first, I’d just like to point out that as far as I’m concerned, a staycation is a holiday in your home. You’re staying at home for your ‘cation. If, however, you are holidaying somewhere in the fair British Isles you are not staycationing. You are UK-tioning. Right, now we’ve got that out of the way allow me to share with you my UK-tion essential: The Snuggy. 

I can’t say the name without smirking but that only adds to the guilty joy. This is the antithesis of fashion but my goodness me, I can no longer imagine camping without one. It is the additional layer needed once the sun goes down – or when it has simply failed to break through the clouds. The hood protects against a smattering of rain and there’s a front pocket large enough for a bottle of wine and four glasses! Further, should you be continuing to work from home, this is your heat-giving saviour on those days when you’re squawking to yourself that it’s bloody July and there’s no way that the heating is going on. And – should this appeal – they also make them sized to fit kids and dogs – aww. 




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Wed 5 Jan 2022

Asking for a friend, but really – can one ever have too many bags? Here’s our pick of the minis and the maxis we need right now. 

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Tue 4 Jan 2022

It’s January, and as your mother might say ‘wrap up warm, it’s cold out there". No need to sacrifice style for comfort with these choice pieces.  

Tue 16 Nov 2021

Children’s charity Action for Children is thrilled to launch its annual Secret Santa campaign for Christmas 2021. This year, the charity has released its own jumpers, t-shirts and tote bags with some of the UK’s most familiar faces supporting the campaign.

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Thu 4 Nov 2021

Humans aren’t the only ones who need spoiling at this time of year; it’s also the perfect time to show your pet some love and we’ve got some great recommendations to get started.   Our