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Currently Craving: A Snuggy

Sophie Elkan

First things first, I’d just like to point out that as far as I’m concerned, a staycation is a holiday in your home. You’re staying at home for your ‘cation. If, however, you are holidaying somewhere in the fair British Isles you are not staycationing. You are UK-tioning. Right, now we’ve got that out of the way allow me to share with you my UK-tion essential: The Snuggy. 

I can’t say the name without smirking but that only adds to the guilty joy. This is the antithesis of fashion but my goodness me, I can no longer imagine camping without one. It is the additional layer needed once the sun goes down – or when it has simply failed to break through the clouds. The hood protects against a smattering of rain and there’s a front pocket large enough for a bottle of wine and four glasses! Further, should you be continuing to work from home, this is your heat-giving saviour on those days when you’re squawking to yourself that it’s bloody July and there’s no way that the heating is going on. And – should this appeal – they also make them sized to fit kids and dogs – aww. 




Screen Shot 2021 09 30 at 11.10.45
Wed 6 Oct 2021

Get your point across by letting your accessories do the talking

Screen Shot 2021 09 21 at 16.53.05
Wed 6 Oct 2021

Doubtless this is some sort of reaction to months of neutral but cosy leisurewear but colour has never looked quite so exciting. Colour blocking and co-ords are reigning supreme, but the beauty of the colour wheel is it helps keep your tones grouped (warm or cool) or it can be used as a quick guide to contrasting or clashing shades which look surprisingly, fantastically ‘fashion’ when worn together. 

Screen Shot 2021 10 05 at 15.45.14
Tue 5 Oct 2021

A Rhapsody in Ruffles. Extravagance is the order of the day

Screen Shot 2021 09 13 at 17.10.02
Mon 4 Oct 2021

It’s October and who doesn’t appreciate an extra layer right now? With such a great choice of styles around, cardigans are back with a bang and no surprise.