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Currently Craving: Premier-Ready Skin


It’s felt like a peculiarly long winter, with too time spent staring in the mirror, wondering about the passage of time. I’m also guilty of over-attachment to my phone; daily doom-scrolling any number of apocalyptic scenarios.

Therefore, CurrentBody Skin’s LED Light Therapy Mask is the object of my craving this month. Red LED boosts collagen production, which in turn helps heal sun damage and scarring, and also firms and reduces fine lines. The mask is designed to deliver professional-grade stimulation, all from the comfort of my sofa and the 10 minutes spent wearing it each day is doubling up as time spent practicing a little mindfulness and investing in personal wellbeing.

Lying down with the red light emitting and illuminating my interior view makes me feel like I’m once again on a beach, eyes closed against the sun and indulging in the annual switch-off. Fans include Kristen Davis, Renee Zellwegger and Carey Mulligan, plus there are hundreds of glowing online reviews from devoted customers.

Yes, the initial outlay of £279 is considerable and results don’t come overnight, but consistency will pay off if more balanced, brighter, even skin is your goal.


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