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Currently Craving: Seasonal Scent

Sophie Elkan

The natural scents of summer and spring may have faded but I want to keep the sweetness of the season alive in my home as the inevitable turning back of the clocks looms large at the end of this month. Territory Scents are offering the ideal solution by ensuring their diffusers remain vibrant throughout the year with a subscription service and I’m awarding bonus points to them for ensuring the re-use of all packaging.

Each scent is perfectly pitched to be discernible without overpowering. Choose from Flora Fawn (light white florals made juicy with summer fruits), Lazy Lawn (earthy almond, tempered with honey-sweet mimosa) and Dear Dawn (gorgeous rose, grounded with musk and blackcurrant). Stick with your favourite, mix and match or go for lucky dip and be surprised. A single bottle costs £28 which reduces in cost when bought as a subscription. Flagons can be used with a choice of reeds or check out the cute terracotta pots if that’s more in-keeping with your home aesthetic.


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Wed 6 Oct 2021

The Ultimate Wedding Prep:

A CACI non-surgical facelift and hand treatment at Cedar Therapy

When I was offered the chance to try a CACI facial I jumped and I’m not even getting married this summer. After all, twenty years of medical research have gone into the development of CACI’s non-surgical facials and they’re pretty much legendary within the industry.

Screen Shot 2021 10 05 at 16.14.54
Tue 5 Oct 2021

What’s in a name? Everything, when it comes to this selection of love-themed looks!

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Tue 5 Oct 2021

Carbon Chronicles

Reducing my carbon impact one month at a time

My friend and I were discussing how frustrating it is that we recycle pretty much everything apart from cosmetics. She then told me something so cute I wanted to weep: there is an animal rescue charity that uses old mascara wands to rehabilitate injured animals.

Screen Shot 2021 09 21 at 16.17.35
Tue 5 Oct 2021

I’m not sure that I’ve ever suggested a brand before based on just one product, but this is such a great concept that I have no choice other than to make them my recommendation this month. This custom-blend foundation is, quite simply, superlative.