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Currently Craving: Sharpening Up

“ it will sharpen up even your oldest, most beloved blade”

Is it weird that I have a favourite knife and use it only for meals I really want to savour cooking, or for ingredients to which I’m particularly attached? Chopping a supermarket onion for a quick pasta sauce on a Tuesday night? I’m not wasting precious knife-energy on that. A home-grown tomato, though, for a special meal? Now you’re talking.

If I stop to apply anything even approaching logic to this, I realise that my fear doesn’t lie in ‘wasting knife energy’ but in blunting my blade. Readers, I need fear no more. German family manufacturers, HORL® have just launched the ultimate in knife sharpening; HORL®2. The beautifully designed wooden barrel houses a precision sharpener at each end and a magnetic stand offers a choice of precision grinding angles. If this sounds a bit technical, fear not. It’s simplicity itself to use – just snap your knife against the magnet and roll the barrel back and forth. The aesthetic design guarantees it will take pride of place in your kitchen and you’ll want it close to hand as you work your way through the knife drawer. Available from Banbury’s premium barbecue retailer, ProSmoke, just in time for batch-cooking season, it will sharpen up even your oldest, most beloved blade, be it paring, santoku, chef, cheese or utility.

From £159


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Wed 29 May 2024

Oxford residents, businesses, government councillors and eminent local institutions are up in arms - trying to save the Oxford Artisan Distillery, TOAD, from closure.

Wed 29 May 2024

As summer arrives, the Cornish shores around St Ives come alive with swarms of mackerel. This sustainable catch, sourced from Celtic Fish & Game who use traditional bait and lines, makes for a delightful summer BBQ dish when paired with a floral elderflower brine and a sweet apple & elderflower jelly. If you can't find fresh elderflowers, a high-quality cordial works just as well.

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Wed 22 May 2024

You can now book an outside table alongside the Thames for our Father’s Day BBQ lunch on Sunday 16th June 2024.

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Thu 16 May 2024

Greenlands Hotel is set within the 30-acre Henley Business School estate in the Oxfordshire countryside, providing well-appointed accommodation on the banks of the River Thames.