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David Pollock: Galápagos Sketchbook

Pollock Galapagos front cover

New from Oxfordshire-based artist David Pollock this month is Galápagos Sketchbook, a vivid depiction of the extraordinary wildlife to be found on the volcanic archipelago which inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Pollock, who was Chairman of Oxfordshire Artweeks between 2012-2019, has used his talent to create a visual representation in watercolour of just some of the creatures he encountered, including sea lions, Sally Lightfoot crabs, giant tortoises, marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies.

The Galápagos provide a unique home to land, marine and avian species found nowhere else on the planet. For many of us, Pollock’s Galápagos Sketchbook is the only way we will ever be able to encounter its inhabitants. The book also includes an afterword from Mick Rooney RA who was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts in 1991 and has been Head of Painting at the Royal Academy schools. Rooney’s work can be found in the private collections of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Paul McCartney and Barings Bank. Rooney pays testament to Pollock’s exceptional skill as an artist and considers the palpable impact that Pollock’s time in the islands has had on his life. All profits from the book are being donated to The Galápagos Conservation foundation.

David Pollock is an experienced traveller, who has filled almost 50 sketchbooks, recording his journey across the continents over three decades. His work has been exhibited in Oxford and London and he lives in Charlbury with his wife. The Galápagos Sketchbook is his second book. His first, Journeys, was published in 2017.

Images from the book are reproduced with kind permission from Pallas Athene

Galápagos Sketchbook by David Pollock (Pallas Athene), September 2023 £19.99


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