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Delicate Sound of Pink Floyd at Radley College Theatre

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A two night only performance of Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder at Radley College Theatre, Abingdon.

OX Magazine caught up with James Winnicott who is producing this
exciting event...

What’s it all about?

We are putting on a one off production, over 2 nights, of Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder album. This album was the live recording from their 1987-89 World Tour of the Momentary Lapse of Reason studio album. The tour was the highest grossing tour of the 1980s, with 199 shows playing to over 5 million people.

Where did the idea for your production come from?

I am a big Pink Floyd fan as is my good friend Matt, who is on lead guitar. We have spoken for many years about doing this but never got around to it. Various life events prompted us into making it reality for 2024.

Where and when is the production?

It’s being held over 2 nights, 29th and 30th March 2024 in the beautiful setting of Radley College Theatre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The theatre is a 350 seater venue with state of the art sound and light systems.

How many are in the band?

There are 11 of us in total, being a mix of enthusiasts and professionals. There were 11 members of the Pink Floyd touring band for the DSOT tour, so we have tried to replicate that.

Where did you source the band members from?

Matt and I have been in various bands together for over 25 years. Other musicians we have played with, who are also Floyd fans, were eager to be part of it (including Matt’s 21 yr old son, Zac). The 3 backing singers, the percussionist and saxophone player are full time professional musicians.

Is this just another Pink Floyd tribute band?

Not really. There are many amazing Pink Floyd tribute bands around. Aussie Floyd, Brit Floyd,.…the list goes on. We are not trying to compete with those acts. This is a one-off production to reproduce the Pink Floyd concert as close as possible to the original, albeit in a much smaller venue. I see it as a group of enthusiastic musicians reproducing a show, rather than an ongoing tribute band.

What can the audience expect?

We are spending a lot of time on the light, sound and animation part of the show. I want this to be an immersive experience that takes the audience back to Pink Floyd shows of the 80s and 90s. I really hope everyone leaves the show feeling they have had 2 hours of musical, light and visual entertainment. Unfortunately, we wont be able to reproduce the Pink Floyd’s famous pyrotechnics!

What’s the charity you are donating to?

This project was never about making money. We felt if ticket sales go well, any surplus should be donated to a worthwhile charity. The majority of the band are from Oxfordshire and the Footsteps Foundation is a local charity set up in 2004. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for children with neurological conditions, enabling them to receive the intensive physiotherapy they need. We are hoping strong ticket sales will enable a worthwhile donation to Footsteps, plus we will have donation buckets at the event to increase this further.


So, what’s next?

We have a lot of work to do between now and the event; regular rehearsals, vocal sessions, sound and light programming and animation work. This will keep all of us busy. Event Production Services in Oxford are providing professional light and sound services for the event. We also must promote the ticket sales; our ambitious aim is to sell out both nights by the end of February.

How can people get tickets?

Tickets are available through our website at or through TicketSource

29-30 March 2024


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