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Dementia Action Week

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Local charity, Dementia Oxfordshire, are marking Dementia Action Week by hosting and attending events across the county. They are providing information and advice to people with a dementia diagnosis and their loved ones, encouraging local organisations and businesses to take dementia awareness training and urging individuals to visit the GP if they are concerned they may have dementia.

The week, which started on Monday 16th May and ends Sunday 22nd May, is designed by Alzheimer’s Society to encourage people and organisations to ‘act on dementia’. As diagnosis rates are falling to a five-year low, the theme of this year’s week is diagnosis.

Speaking to BBC Radio Oxford from a Dementia Information Day at The Venue, Barns Road on 17th May, Dementia Adviser Jane Probets said “[early diagnosis] is incredibly valuable, it opens the door to services such as ourselves, it opens the door to benefits and allowances, it allows the person with a diagnosis to adjust themselves and to understand. Once you’ve got a diagnosis the emphasis now is focussing on the abilities that you have and not the ones that you’ve lost”. Jane and the rest of the Dementia Oxfordshire team encourage anyone who is concerned about any symptoms to visit their GP.

Dementia Oxfordshire is available to support people across the county with a diagnosis as well as their carers and relatives. You can find out more and speak to a Dementia Adviser by calling the Support Line on 01865 410 210 Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm or by visiting

For more information on events the Dementia Oxfordshire team are attending this week visit: Dementia Action Week 2022 – Get Involved! – Dementia Oxfordshire


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