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Designer in the Spotlight: Larry Walshe

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Celebrity Florist and Founder of online sustainable florist,  Bloom,  Larry  Walshe  has worked with  brides and grooms worldwide, including celebrities such as Rihanna, Adele, Stella McCartney, Edward Enninful, Joe Root, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sonam Kapoor, several Royal Households and also luxury brands like Elie Saab, Christian Dior and Valentino. We were thrilled to speak with him for the Autumn edition of OX Weddings to discuss floristry, trends and inspiration.

Tell us about yourself - how did you come to work with flowers?

I was in luxury events for several years before I decided to start my own business and, during that time, I worked in a creative position that meant I worked with many vendors within the UK industry. I was obsessed by the way that flowers could transform a space and take it from bleak to chic in a heartbeat. The power of excellent design was utterly mesmerising to me, so I spent more and more time encouraging my clients to invest in their events to realise all the dreams and fantasies I had in my own mind! During this period, I became creatively frustrated with what was being offered in the market place and believed that great design deserved a great service. I felt that if I thought I could offer something new and/or improved, I should put my money where my mouth was and give it a go…so I did.

What are the emerging trends in wedding flowers?

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it is becoming an ever-more-popular request for floral designs to be created in a sustainable manner, without the use of floral foam. This suits styles with much texture, depth, and movement. As such, these garden-inspired schemes – featuring lashings of seasonal foliage – are making a huge leap forward in demand. Bringing the outdoors inside is such a beautiful way to transform a space in design so we couldn’t be happier! 

What makes Larry Walshe Studios unique?

We are one of the only floral designer firms to work consistently across three continents. We strive for excellence in design at all times and feel hugely privileged to transform some of the most iconic venues in London, Lake Como and New York. Our team can create world-class, large-scale projects so we are perfectly aligned to bring dreams to life, wherever in the world that may be.

Where do you find inspiration to innovate?

Inspiration is all around us: our team regularly immerse themselves in art and culture across London and Europe to see new emerging trends, visit exhibitions and seek design inspiration from architecture and art. There is always something new to discover, experiment with and create and we never create the same design twice. 

What motivated you to launch Bloom?

During lockdown, the events industry was paralysed. We couldn’t host weddings; venues were closed as were places of worship. During this time, we took an opportunity to reflect on our brand and what we wanted to achieve. We wanted to develop a retail offering which was industry-leading from a sustainability perspective and we spent many months doing just that until Bloom was born. We were baffled by the amount of green washing across the sector so created a meaningful response to our ever-increasing need for sustainability and are hugely proud to have launched the UK’s first 100% plastic-free and sustainable online florist. 

Which are your favourite materials and/or flowers to work with, and why?

Our favourite flowers change on a daily basis. From vanda orchids to hydrangeas and dahlias to roses, there is always a new variety, colour, or shape to discover. This is part of what makes our job so exciting and rewarding.

How important is fragrance and do you consciously use blooms which complement each other in this regard?

Fragrance is one of the most powerful ways to create memories. We simply adore adding a soft scent into our work and will often include rosemary, sage, mint or sweetpeas amongst many others to ensure an immersive atmosphere is realised.  

Have you ever thought about producing a fragrance line?

Never say never!! 

What has been your most memorable commission to date?

There are so many. We feel truly honoured to be part of each wedding that we create. It is the most special day in each of our couple’s lives and for us to have such an important role in ensuring the smooth delivery of their celebration, we remember each and every one like our children!  We also never create the same work twice, so every time we are as excited as our couples to see it all come to life.

And what about the most extravagant?

Earlier this year we created the largest celebration of our career to date.  It involved a team of 85 florists and crew for three weeks to bring all our designs to life. That was certainly extravagant and memorable. It was hugely exciting.  

Who is more exacting, the Royal Households or your celebrity clientele?

Both!  Each couple has dreamed about their celebration for years, so they know exactly what they want, or in some cases, what they don’t want. We are hugely detail-orientated as a brand and will work tirelessly to ensure the overall look of each celebration we produce is second-to-none and as such, we attract likeminded clients.   


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