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Easy Meals From Your Garden

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With a huge focus shifting towards sustainability and local sourcing, the world of edible gardening has seen a remarkable uplift across the UK. This movement is not only about the joy of growing your food but also aligns with a broader awareness of eco-friendly practices.

Seasoned gardeners and beginners alike can benefit from new opportunities to integrate homegrown produce into their everyday lives. The appeal of harvesting vegetables, fruits, and herbs right from your garden or balcony has never been more appealing.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the delicious meals that can be made using ingredients from your very own edible garden.

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are a classic dish, often described as a warm hug and the ultimate comfort food. You can use bell peppers of any colour—grown in your garden from seedlings or purchased as young plants for transplanting.

The filling can be a flavourful mixture of minced meat or a vegetarian option with rice, quinoa, or couscous, enriched with herbs like parsley or basil. Incorporate other garden vegetables for added texture and flavour, such as using your tomato plants to make a salsa.

Baking them until the peppers are tender and the top is slightly browned brings out their natural sweetness and complements the savoury filling. This dish perfectly showcases the versatility, freshness, and quality that only a garden can provide, making it a satisfying meal for any family dinner.

Vegetable gnocchi

Gnocchi, though traditionally made with potatoes, offers a canvas for a wide array of garden vegetables. The satisfaction of creating hand-rolled gnocchi, infused with pureed spinach, squash, or beetroot, provides these tender dumplings a burst of colour and a boost of nutritional value.

Drench them in a sauce made from a blend of homegrown vegetables and herbs, creating a hearty meal that celebrates the tastes of your garden.

The process of making gnocchi from scratch can be a delightful family activity, with each bite reminding you of the care and effort that went into growing the ingredients.

Grilled courgettes

Grilled courgettes are a simple yet delicious way to enjoy one of the garden's most prolific vegetables.

Sliced lengthwise and brushed with a mix of olive oil, garlic, and herbs, they're grilled to perfection, creating dishes that are healthy and full of flavour. Throw them in a salad, use them for pasta sauce, or blend them into a delicious, warming soup.

Courgettes can be grown in containers or beds and require minimal care, making them ideal for gardeners of all abilities. They pair well with almost any dish and are a testament to the joy of eating vegetables picked fresh from the garden.


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