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Explore the IB Diploma 6th Form Experience at Europa School

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Broader Choices: In a world where educational decisions at 16 can often feel limiting, the IB Diploma Programme offers choice. Unlike conventional education paths, the IB curriculum offers a breadth of subjects and encourages students to explore diverse interests. By allowing a wide spectrum of subject choices, it breaks the traditional British mould and encourages learners to tailor their education to their unique aspirations and passions. The IB ensures that at 16, students don't face a narrowing of their options but instead find an open door to a world of academic possibilities.

IB Prepares You for University and Beyond: Wondering how the IB Diploma sets you up for success in higher education? The Open Day will shed light on how the IB curriculum nurtures critical thinking and research skills, giving you a solid academic foundation. Universities around the world appreciate IB Diploma graduates for their well-rounded skills, it's about preparing you for the diverse challenges of the future.

Unlock a Global Mindset: The IB curriculum's emphasis on intercultural understanding and international-mindedness is worth exploring. It's a unique opportunity to develop respect, empathy, and a true appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures in our global community.

Recent success: Europa School is rightly immensely proud of its outstanding exam results since adopting the IB Diploma. This year school boasts an impressive average points score of 35, equivalent to 3 A levels at A*A*A. This matched the average IB point score achieved by schools in the UK (20 state and 72 private schools) and is well above the global average of 30. Onward destinations for the pupils include Oxbridge, Durham, St. Andrews as well as universities across Europe. This built on the success of 2022, with a 100% pass rate and an average score well above the global average.

Experience It for Yourself: Don't miss this chance to meet the highly experienced teachers and to explore the exciting potential of an IB education at a UK State School.

Register for the Open Day on 16th November 2023, 2pm at and take a step into a realm of international educational excellence and opportunity.


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