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Festive Entertaining at Home By Moët & Chandon

Mo%C3%ABt Chandon Festive Champagne Cocktails group shot 3 credit Emma Pharaoh. ea2w5c

Champagne Cocktails & Food Bites inspired by the Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar Harrods Knightsbridge.


Warm Winter spices enhanced by cherry brandy and orange liqueur, promises to bring the festive spirit to life with Moët Impérial Brut


  • 90ml Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut
  • 7.5ml Cherry Brandy
  • 12.5ml Orange Liqueur
  • 22.5ml Mulled Spice Liqueur
  • 10ml Lemon Juice


  • Redcurrant stems
  • Sprigs of lemon thyme


Mix all ingredients (except Champagne) over ice to chill. Strain into a Champagne glass and top up with Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut. Garnish with a small stem of redcurrants and a sprig of lemon thyme.


A playful, seasonally inviting take on a contemporary classic where Moët Impérial Brut takes centre stage providing a glamourous and elegant uplift.


  • 80ml Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut
  • 25ml Volcan De Mi Tierra Tequila Bianco
  • 4ml Kumquat Liqueur
  • 5ml Cranberry Syrup
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 5ml Verjus
  • 2.5ml Mulled Spice Syrup *


  • Dehydrated orange slice
  • Rosemary sprig

Mulled Spice Syrup Ingredients

  • 250ml water
  • 250ml sugar
  • 10gr star anise
  • 4gr cloves
  • 5gr allspice
  • 5gr nutmeg
  • 10gm cinnamon
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 1 Orange


To make the Mulled Spice Syrup, peel an orange ensuring that all white pith is removed. Dissolve sugar in water. Add all ingredients together in pan and bring to a gentle simmer for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow to infuse until at room temperature. Strain through a cheese cloth.

Mix all ingredients (except Champagne) over ice to chill – pour into an ice filled rocks glass and top with Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut. Garnish with a dehydrated orange slice and a small sprig of rosemary.


INGREDIENTS (For 20x bites)

  • Sliced white bread
  • 400g Burrata
  • 80g Butternut Squash
  • 100g Kimchi
  • 100g Parmesan Cheese
  • 50g Black Sesame Seeds
  • 10g Coriander Cress


Make 40 bread crisps by cutting circles from slices of bread with a circular cutter; then cut off a small amount from the bottom of each circle to allow them to stand up when assembled. Cook in the oven at 180o C (gas oven) / 200oC (electric oven) until golden and crisp.

Cut burrata in half and let excess moisture drain out on kitchen paper for 10 minutes. Once drained roughly chop into 0.5cm pieces and add to a piping bag. Chop kimchi and add to a container. Place to one side.

Slice butter nut squash 0.5cm thick (approximately), and cut with a circular cutter to the same size as the bread.

To assemble place equal amounts of burrata on both side of bread, followed by kimchi and sandwich the butternut squash inside. Push together to form a ‘sandwich’.

Sprinkle with black sesame seeds, followed by finely grated parmesan, and garnish with a spring of coriander cress.


INGREDIENTS (For 20x bites)

  • 500g Cooked Lobster
  • 160g Mayonnaise
  • 40g Miso
  • 10ml Yuzu Juice
  • 40ml Olive Oil
  • Baby spinach leaves
  • Prawn crackers
  • Coriander cress
  • Gold Leaf (optional)


Mix 160g of mayonnaise with 40g miso.

Stir 500g of cooked lobster with the miso mayonnaise.

Mix 10g of yuzu juice with 40ml olive oil.

Place baby spinach leaf on each prawn cracker followed by the lobster & mayonnaise and drizzle with yuzu dressing. Then garnish with a sprig of coriander cress and for an additional touch of glamour, some gold leaf

Image credit Emma Pharaoh


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