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Five Top Tips for Creating the Ultimate Garden Patio

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As the spring and summer months creep in, the garden becomes one of the most popular spaces of a home, and the patio is often where all the socialising occurs. The garden patio is the perfect place to sit back and unwind, as well as entertain guests and enjoy the sunshine and nature that the seasons bring.

We’re seeing the value of this more and more at present, particularly in a day and age where we need to look after our mental health more. That’s leading us to consider the design of our patio spaces in much more detail to give us the ultimate space to really be able to kick back and relax.

There is so much to think about from the look and feel of it to the outdoor tiles and materials used. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your patio, here are five tips to help you do so…

Plan Your Layout and Design

First and foremost, planning is key. Before you construct or purchase anything you need to plan the layout and design of your patio. That means considering the size and shape of your space and how you intend to use it. Think about whether it’ll be a lounging space, a dining area or perhaps even a combination of both. That will help you determine and visualise your ideas.

Things to consider include the privacy of the space, the views of the garden and how much sunlight you’ll be exposed to. Once you’ve got that plan in place, you can then start to kick on with your plans.

Choose the Right Materials

The materials you use in your garden really are important as it’ll not only have an impact on appearance, but also the durability and maintenance required. Opting for high-quality materials is often the best option, particularly in Britain, as they’ll be able to withstand the elements during those brutal winter months. And, let’s face it, brutal summer months too!

Natural stone, limestone and slate are often popular choices for floor tiles, while timber, bricks, concrete are also strong and high-quality for around the area. In furniture, you need to look for items that are weather-resistant, as well as fade resistant fabrics, to keep your upholstery looking good year after year.

Create Zones for Different Activities

To make the most of your space, consider each zone out your patio area and dedicate activities to them. For example, one zone may be for dining, another for lounging, perhaps you want a space for gardening or some fun games. By doing this you maximise the functionality of the space and cater to various needs.

Add Greenery and Colour

Of course, you’re in a garden so incorporating plants and flowers really is a must. This will not only help it blend naturally into the rest of the garden, but also create a more tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

Choosing a variety of plants that offer different textures, heights and colours can add more visual interest to the space, while you can also consider hanging baskets and vertical gardens to get plenty of greenery without taking up valuable floor space.

Add Lighting and Ambiance

Finally, finish off your patio area with soft and inviting lighting. This will enable you to use your space into the evenings and ensure it stays warm and cosy. Consider ambient and decorative lighting to illuminate different areas of the patio and garden, to enhance its beauty as well as making it easy to navigate the space safely. By lighting the rest of the garden as well, you can create a really picturesque setting that people can enjoy well into the evening.


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