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Garden Glow-Up


Whether you’ve got a postage-stamp sized plot or a few acres, a smart buy (or two) can transform your outdoor living this summer.

From a selection at

Outdoor cushions by Roisin Quinn X La Redoute, £26

Drift Corten garden screen, £404

Tropical Retreat collection

Outdoor rug, £16.99

Canvas hanging chair, £149

Petal bowl water feature, £599.99

Garden bar trolley, £149.00

Garden bench pad, £32

ferm Living, Desert lounge chair, £339

Melamine jug and cups, £18

Gluttonous Gardener Strawberry Lovers crate, £50

Pizza over meets wood-burner, £539

Unwind garden candle. £32.99

Peach fuzz Cheeky Charlie,. £5,500 outdoor oven

Cubic Outdoor Bar in a Cupboard, £10,000

From a selection at

Solar lanterns, £35.99

Helena large fringed parasol, £249

Coastal Retreat floor cushion. £24.99

Folding wooden stool in pickleball stripe, £65

Doga Nardi garden set, £599.99

Bolga garden basket. £49

Garden chair with foot stool, £129.99

Sage green garden bench, £160.95

Potting bench with dry sink, £249.99

And finally, if the weather completely fails bring the outdoors in with one of Emma J Shipley’s nature-inspired murals, £349/roo


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Fri 12 Jul 2024

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