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Aunt without the Agony


Much like nearly half of my generation, I can’t really imagine ever wanting children. While I’ve been told (without asking) by various people that I’ll regret that in 10 years – will let you know if they’re right– I’m thoroughly enjoying my current role of corrupting children which aren’t mine, otherwise known as being an auntie.

The thing about this honourable role is you only get the best bits; minimal nappy changes, minimal difficult questions, minimal early mornings and more of the fun stuff. I’ve watched my niece and nephews develop their own personalities and find their passions. I’ve watched them try to drown each other in the swimming pool and seamlessly slip the F word into a sentence. I’ve watched them explore the world – sh*tty bits and all – and I’ve watched them learn, and – most excitingly – find out what they like learning.

A recent camping trip though, allowed me to get an insight into the raw and un-auntie-filtered versions of them; it’s not as easy to turn a blind eye to them being difficult when you’re literally in a fabric house, but what it also showed me was the love of learning which is consistent in their lives.

Whether it comes in the form of asking me the meaning of words I’ve never heard of, providing me with sarcasm I didn’t know was possible from a three-year-old, or showing me a cartwheel for the 12th time that day, they were excited about learning and showing people what they had learnt, and that made me so jealous.

Jealous of their sole responsibility being to explore, absorb, and better themselves – probably far more of a profound takeaway than others took from our weekend in the Brecon Beacons, but nonetheless one which has influenced me to pay more attention to the importance of learning, whatever it may be. What better time to come to this revelation than when this mag is full of science?

Let’s prioritise learning, it’s what we’re best at, and for Izzy, Fred, and Archie, please keep showing me what you love to learn, and keep your eyes peeled for what you might learn to love. And also stop snitching on me for swearing. Love Auntie Ellie <3


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