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Gen Z Frenzy: Being Green

Be Green

Celebrating the great outdoors without mentioning the state of the environment is like celebrating the birthday of a 110-year-old; we can have a slice of cake and talk about how great they are, but simultaneously we’re all kind of surprised they’re still here, and we’re taking it easy with the party poppers.

It’s an issue and a worry that we all feel the impact of, but perhaps particularly Gen Z as it’s always been at the forefront of the media we consume. A 2021 Lancet survey revealed that more than half of 16-25-year-olds believe that humanity is doomed, and almost 40% said this feeling makes them reluctant to have children.

While this is a bit of a depressing state of affairs, I think most people, in their own way, do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s harder for some than for others though – perhaps for financial reasons, for example – so we have to understand that not everyone is in the position to give it their all right now.

Personally, I try to stay plant-based (apart from chicken nuggets when I’m drunk), I steer clear of fast fashion brands (but occasionally trip and fall into Zara), and have a little egg thing instead of washing machine pods (but I also use clingfilm for leftovers when I can’t be bothered to find matching Tupperware lids and bottoms).

These might seem to some like contradictions, and a way to ‘catch me out’ but it shouldn’t have to be all or nothing, because that’s a really good way of putting people off the cause. I recently saw someone zoom into a pic of Greta Thunburg eating soup to determine whether or not she was using a plastic spoon – if she was, would that void all the environmentalism she’s done prior? This really isn’t the time to criticise imperfection.

It’s important for everyone to do their bit, but find your thing(s) and leave everyone to find theirs – as long as we all do what we can, we’re heading in the right direction.

Bye bye Be Green x


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