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Gen Z Frenzy: Optimism in Action

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The optimism edition can be a difficult one to pitch amidst rather a bleak and depressing social climate, but despite the fear and anger we may all be experiencing, research has shown that as a generation, Gen Z are still full of hope. A recent study conducted by showed that an overwhelming majority of Gen Z-ers are optimistic about the future –dubbing them ‘A Generation of Optimists’ – which may be down to the power that comes in protest.

Young people have always been inspired to make meaningful change in activism, whether that’s attending marches and protests, involvement in politics, boycotting products or companies, or just being generally vocal on social media. While our political figures are dossing about getting fat fees for appearing on reality tv, this kind of action is small but critical in providing us with a sense of control – regardless of how big a difference we might make.

Gen Z are the most likely generation to boycott a product. It’s easy to think, ‘what difference is it going to make, I’m just one person?’, but instead of this mindset, I find it useful to flip it on its head, and think of myself as a percentage of the solution, eg, ‘the protest happened because 100% of us attended, and I was one of them’, or ‘meat sales have gone down ever so slightly because I stopped buying it’.

Technology has given young people a louder voice than ever before, with 43% of people saying platforms make them feel their voices matter. It is a combination of this and thoughtful actions which make us feel useful, and therefore optimistic for our future. Due to an increasing number of people relying on social media or apps to keep updated on breaking news, we can’t turn away from the discourse; it’s all around us, not just when we switch on the TV or open up the paper. If the world sometimes feels a little (or a lot) bleak, take a mindful break from your phone, and find optimism in action.

Happy New Year x


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