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Gen Z Frenzy: The Grit with The Glam

Rachel Green

Glamour has always been all around us, from the Monroes to the Madonnas, but the presence of social media means we interact with glamourous figures, events, products, and lifestyles on a daily basis, does that make it all seem that little bit more attainable? The hell it does – the glamour we see is expensive, it’s complicated, it’s not for us, and a lot of the time, it’s not real.

Approximately 200 million of us tuned in to the Met Gala this year (which for me, is an event epitomising glamour) to watch the most famous people sport the most expensive outfits and enter the most extravagant building, and I. Live. For. It. When it ends though, and I turn off the tv, scratch off the solidified food stain from my 1,000-year-old pyjama bottoms and treat myself to going to bed without washing my face, it makes you think – why does this make me feel like a pile of shit? It’s because glamour exists within these hyperboles of extravagance, and seemingly nowhere else.

Recently I’ve been trying to find the glamour in the everyday small things, like getting my nails done, wearing sunglasses in November, and buying a drink that costs half of next month’s rent, and enjoying it, because glamour shouldn’t be reserved for a certain group of people.

Let’s also not forget, along with Kim K’s Met look came a dress so tight she planned to piss herself if she needed a wee; there’s grit behind the glam (don’t get me wrong, big respect for the commitment, take a lot of guts to willingly wet yourself). You can enjoy that aesthetically pleasing latte on the way to the office while knowing it might give you the squits come lunchtime, you can go see a fancy show while googling the Spark Notes version of the plot to understand, and you can be glamourous on Friday and wake up with sick in your hair on Saturday: totally fine and totally glam. It doesn’t have to be expensive or unattainable, or perfect. It’s whatever makes you feel it.

Have a glamourous November, in whatever form it comes.


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