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Grand Designs returns to Graven Hill for second series

July 2021 Site Progress

Graven Hill, the country’s largest self-build and custom-build site, is set to return to screens across the UK from Wednesday 13 April at 9.00pm. Appearing in the second series of Channel 4’s Grand Designs: The Streets, Graven Hill welcomes back presenter Kevin McCloud as he follows residents of the first-of-its-kind site through the highs and lows of building their own homes.

While the first series tracked the first ten pioneer residents who broke ground at Graven Hill, the latest series will capture the spirit of community characterised by the impressive self-build streets. Once again focusing on the determination, resilience and ambition of the builders.

Conceived by Cherwell District Council, Graven Hill is built on former Ministry of Defence land in Bicester. The 188-hectare site provides the largest opportunity for ambitious homebuyers to design their own dwellings, with a variety of housing options available – from self-build to customisable homes.

Grand Designs: The Streets follows the Graven Hill residents from all walks of life as they are offered the freedom to bring their unique visions to life, from sleek angular constructions to bachelor pads worthy of the Hollywood Hills.

Karen Curtin, managing director of Graven Hill said: “We are so excited to welcome Kevin and Channel 4 back to Graven Hill. Grand Designs: The Streets is the perfect opportunity to show just how far the development has come since the initial experiment with the ten pioneer plots. In the first series, we were lucky enough to celebrate a milestone for the UK house building industry by promoting self-build at scale, and this time we are able to showcase more self-build journeys and the development at 400 occupations.

“We have learned a lot over the last few years, diversified our product range and are proud of the community that has evolved. The show provides a platform for us to show exactly what is possible at Graven Hill and highlight that people from all walks of life can build or create the house of their dreams.”

Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs: The Streets, said: “Building your own home takes imagination and endeavour, as well as boundless perseverance. Here at Graven Hill, ambition and creativity has resulted in these wondrous homes enjoyed by all who live in them.”

Grand Designs: The Streets (Series 2) begins on Wednesday, 13 April on Channel 4 at 9.00pm.

Further information about Graven Hill and opportunities on offer are available here.


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