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How To Choose the Best Car Tyres - Expert Advice

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If you are quite new to driving, the world of tyres might be something of a closed book to you. They're black and round and all look pretty similar: can there really be all that much difference between the various sets of tyres on the market? The short answer is yes: the longer answer is yes, and you should always choose the best car tyres so as to enjoy the best possible driving experience for as long as the lifespan of your tyres – itself a variable feature! Let's take a look.

What's Your Budget?

Your first point of consideration will almost always be your budget. There is no point in planning on buying the most expensive or exclusive tyres if one single tyre costs more than your total expenditure! The best way to give yourself as much leeway with your tyres as possible is by starting to save towards your replacement set well in advance of actually needing to replace the tyres. Putting aside a little money without fail every month can mean that you have enough to buy the tyres outright, without needing to scrimp a little here or dip into your savings there – but if you decide to upgrade to the next level of quality, you can do so without having too much impact on your finances. But be wary of being too cheap with your replacement tyres, especially if you will be travelling a lot.

How Much Will You Be Travelling?

There is a vast swathe of the UK countryside, ranging from places like Stevenage in Hertfordshire and Banbury or even Oxford in Oxfordshire, which forms part of a massive commuter belt encircling London at a respectable distance. These villages and towns are far enough from the Big Smoke to enjoy clean air and country living, while still being within an hour's travel to the heart of the City. If you will be driving your car any distance on a daily basis – even if you are 'only' driving to a convenient train station to take advantage of the excellent rail links and avoid congestion and parking issues – you must take this wear and tear into account. If you're a Hertfordshire resident, buy car tyres in Stevenage at EcoTyre Services, to enjoy a smooth and safe commute. The more you will be travelling, the better your tyres will need to be. Which leads neatly onto

What Quality Do You Need?

Tyres are made in three broad categories:

  • Premium Tyres: These are the latest tyres, made using the highest possible quality rubber, sourced from sustainable rubber trees and employing high-tech manufacturing processes. These tyres are often innovative, using up-to-the-minute engineering and the latest research and development processes – and their price tag reflects their high quality!
  • Regular Tyres: Last season's premium tyres, regular tyres are high-quality, usually made from decently sourced and good quality rubber, but perhaps the manufacturing process is not quite as up-to-date as that of current premium tyres. Prices are usually acceptable, and these are the most commonly bought and used kinds of tyres for regular commuters. While prices might not be rock-bottom, the tyres tend to last well, standing up to the test of time and offering a solid, durable product that will enhance your driving experience.
  • Budget Tyres: Cheap and cheerful, budget tyres occupy the space at the bottom of the tyre quality pile. Having said that, there are still rules that must be adhered to when it comes to tyres, rules which demand that basic standards must be met. These rules – still in place following the Brexit vote until replacements can be legislated in Parliament – ensure that even the cheapest budget tyres must meet basic safety and quality standards.

Choose the tyres that best suit your needs and budget to enjoy years of trouble-free, comfortable and affordable motoring.


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