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What's On, STEM

IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival Events

15th - 20th


STEM Sisters: X-raying Materials

Sat 15 October 12 – 1pm

The Works, ARC Oxford (Oxford Business Park), OX4 2SU

Age 7-12 / Teenage / Adult

Travel on a voyage of discovery; solving puzzles, asking questions, making predictions and performing tests. Hear about landmark scientific discoveries by Rosalind Franklin, Kathleen Lonsdale and Dorothy Hodgkin in a thrilling family performance. See crystals with a microscope, the diffraction of light through gratings and explore the behaviours of matter, light and atoms through the eyes of these women pioneers. Children must be accompanied by an adult. - TALK / INTERACTIVE

See Jina and the STEM Sisters performance, Sat 29 October


A Whistle-Stop Tour Of The Cosmos

Sat 15 October 1.30 – 2.30pm

The Works, ARC Oxford (Oxford Business Park), OX4 2SU

Age 7-12 / Teenage / Adult

How does learning about the Universe help you use your brain in new and creative ways?  Delve into the big bang, stars and galaxy formation, with Professor Lukey Luke.  Find out how learning a new skill, such as a musical instrument has a positive influence on how your brain develop.  Explore how visualising the huge distances of the cosmos, can help to develop focus, creativity, and imagination. Children must be accompanied by an adult. - TALK


The Big Puzzle

Sat 15 October 2-4pm

Oxfordshire County Library, OX1 1DJ

Age 7-12 / Teenage, Adult

Test your technical skills in a digital-technology treasure hunt. Work in small groups to complete a series of tasks all around the County library in central Oxford. Manipulate drones and augmented reality software to complete each task to solve the puzzle and win a prize. - WORKSHOP


Storytime: Water, Water Everywhere

Sat 15 October 2.30 – 3.30pm

Oxfordshire County Library, OX1 1DJ

Under 7s / Age 7-12

Join storyteller Sarah Law to hear watery stories from around the world. Whether it’s the water cycle, aquatic habitats, saving water or drinking water, there’s something to quench your thirst! Best suited to children aged 5-9 years. Children must be accompanied by an adult. - STORYTELLING


Collateral Effects Of The Pandemic: Meet The Researchers

Sat 15 October, 2-4pm

North Wall Arts Centre, OX2 7JN

Teenage / Adult

The Covid pandemic has affected everyone and everything in different ways. For some researchers in Oxford and beyond, the effects may surprise you. Meet researchers whose work around infectious diseases, climate change and more has inspired Anna Dumitriu’s exhibition Collateral Effects. Chat to them about how they have navigated the pandemic and the unexpected impacts it has had on their research – you may view the exhibition differently as a result. - DISCUSSION


Festival Choral Evensong

Sun 16 October 3.30 – 4.30pm

University Church, OX1 4BJ

Teenage / Adult

St Mary’s, or the University Church, is one of Oxford’s best-known landmarks that offers a reflective service of music, readings and prayers on weekdays and Sundays. Everyone is welcome to join and experience this short Christian event inspired by centuries of traditional worship alongside current affairs and inclusive values. This service will feature a Festival address. - PERFORMANCE


RACE To The Future: Robotics And You

Mon 17 October 7 – 8pm

New Road Baptist Church, OX1 1LQ

Teenage / Adult

The future is now. Robots are changing everyday life. From automating production lines to driving cars, there’s almost nothing robots can’t do. This is especially true within challenging environments where people can’t go. Join experts from the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s robotics facility, RACE and learn more about what a ‘challenging environment’ is, where you might find a robot, and how you could team up with robots every day. - TALK


What Happens When Scientists And Artists Collaborate?

Mon 17 October 7 – 8.15pm

Digital event

Teenage / Adult

Internationally renowned artist Anna Dumitriu and three of her scientific collaborators Dr Jane Freeman, Dr Nicola Fawcett and Dr John Paul, explore the background to artworks in the Collateral Effects exhibition at the North Wall and the importance of collaboration across art and science. - DISCUSSION



Tue 18 October, 7 – 8pm

Wig & Pen, OX1 2AU

Teenage / Adult

How does the brain work? Why does it sometimes go wrong? How can it be fixed? Find out what draws people into the field of neuroscience and meet some of the brain researchers from the University of Oxford ready to share their personal stories with you. - PERFORMANCE


Glow Your Own (2 of 6)

Wed 19 October 5 – 6.30pm

Digital Event

Age 7-12 / Teenage / Adult

Get ready for the Oxford Christmas Light Festival by creating your very own moving lantern. This workshop series will help you build your own creative circuit with sensors that control LEDs and motors. Get your Arduino starter kit (sent to UK addresses by post) and use online resource, Tinkercad to combine art and engineering. Six digital sessions with all workshops later available on-demand at - WORKSHOP


Toxicology Mixology 

Wed 19 October 7 – 7.45pm

The Bullingdon, OX4 1UE

Teenage / Adult

Venom is a fascinating evolutionary trait; found in 250,000 animal species, it has evolved 101 times in the animal kingdom! But what is venom actually made of and what is it used for? Can it help humans and what really are the risks presented by venomous animals? Join venom researcher Leah Fitzpatrick for a cocktail of curiosity and learn about venom.  - TALK


The Story of Maths

Wed 19 October 8.30 – 9.30pm

The Bullingdon, OX4 1UE

Teenage / Adult

A duel to the death to resolve a love triangle; a heretic murdered at sea; and a secret formula that made millions - no matter your opinion of maths as a subject, the stories of the mathematicians behind it are anything but dull. Join Dr Tom Crawford (aka Tom Rocks Maths) for an entertaining evening of story-telling and attempted comedy, as he presents maths, but not as you know it. - PERFORMANCE


STARMAKERS: The Energy of Tomorrow

Thu 20 October 6 – 8.15pm

Ultimate Picture Palace, OX4 1BN

Teenage, Adult

Have you heard about the Joint European Torus, the world’s largest star machine in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside? The UK Atomic Energy Authority has been pushing its boundaries to test the fusion fuels for the future. This new documentary film shows how scientists and engineers overcame all obstacles to break a world record. Join fusion scientists for a post-film discussion. - FILM / DISCUSSION


Mathematical Intelligence

Thu 20 October 6.30 – 7.30pm

Waterstones Bookshop, OX1 3AF

Teenage, Adult

Computers are brilliant at totting up sums and pattern recognition, so for all things calculation, perhaps machines reign supreme. But you have a set of uniquely human mathematical superpowers that can give you a crucial edge over computers. Junaid Mubeen, author of Mathematical Intelligence – What we have that Machines Don’t and ‘the naked mathematician’ Tom Crawford use games and card tricks to reveal why you shouldn’t surrender to the computer overlords just yet.  - TALK

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Endellion Lycett Green - you drifted by
Mon 15 Jul 2024

This summer the Laura Lopes Gallery presents works by botanical artist Endellion Lycett Green in the Tithe Barn at Thyme. Through her art, Lycett Green pays testament to the inspiration she finds in the natural world.

Urban winner   Danny Kidby Hunter
Mon 15 Jul 2024

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) has opened its annual nature photography competition for 2024 with new categories and prizes.

5 Charlotte berry with student voxxue
Thu 11 Jul 2024

Ever wanted to make your own jewellery or lampshade? Or fancied a go at printing or making a floral wreath? You can do all of these and more at Summer School, a series of creative workshops the Coaching Barn near Wallingford on the weekends of 20th/21st and 27th/28th of July.

Orsino Olivia Viola warm ixbud1
Tue 2 Jul 2024

Wild Goose Theatre returned to the Oxford Castle for their fourteenth year of outdoor performance. Their programme this year takes Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and places this comedy of love triangles and mistaken identity in the austere grounds of the Castle development.