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Joysome January


BRAND: Slow Ageing

As a beauty writer I genuinely struggle with the whole anti-ageing concept when it comes to skincare. Age is a privilege and why should we scorn its effects? Inevitably, and at some level, this often boils down to head vs heart.

No matter how much we champion ageing, how many positive role models we can find to look up to, or how much we applaud the recent slow but steady takedown of pervading stereotypes around aging and older people, it doesn’t stop us (me) looking in the mirror and examining each new line or grey hair with a measure of displeasure. I always used to say I wouldn’t mind having a silver mane or a face which maps the story of my life but that was before I was confronted daily with living through the process. Despite this, I’m not looking for surgical possibilities (yet?) and so what are my options? Slow Ageing think they have the answer.

A pared-down range of luxurious, botanical products created to protect, stimulate, and enrich your skin. Perfect to combat the bluster of January, each is richly scented, courtesy of the natural essential oils around which formulas are based, making use feel like an indulgence rather than a chore.

The Exfoliating Body Polish makes short work of the annual crop of dandruff which falls like snow from my legs once the heating has been on a for a couple of months (TMI?). The consistency is of butter icing and, although I doubted the soft plant-based shreds would remove dead skin as effectively as a harsher grain, my limbs are left silky smooth. The Face Balm is equally effective. Suggested use is an emolliating mask, but I have been dabbing it on my elbows every night and also patting it around my nose when I have the sniffles. It immediately soothes the red flakiness which tends to take the limelight and which no concealer has ever successfully masked on its own. What else? There’s a fragrant, relaxing Bath Essence, a cosseting Moisturiser, an oil-rich Face Wash and last, but by no means least, the Face Essence, a potent blend of essential and natural oils to be used after cleansing and before moisturising. Stuffed with antioxidants, this is designed to enhance the efficacy of all the other products in the range. Skin is left supple and soft and the aroma? Like the spas that dreams are made of.

I also commend their commitment to the environment (clean, authentic, sustainable ingredients; recyclable, printed brown glass bottles; no extraneous materials used in their packaging) and also to their customer: all purchases offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not seeing results in 30 days, the average skin renewal cycle. Pretty cheering, right?

From £26

I seem to be drawn to anything Ole Henriksen and his Dewtopia 20% Night Treatment is just the ticket to get my skincare back on track after an over-indulgent December. If you are new to acids (this contains a blend of exfoliating, brightening AHAs and PHAs) work gradually into your routine by using once or twice a week at first. If your skin is as inured as mine, use nightly for a one-stop shop to improve texture, tone and elasticity. £36.80

Seeds of Colour are trying to do something genuinely ground-breaking in beauty and for this they should be commended. Their range consists of four tinted Natural Colour Balms, each designed to be worn anywhere (lips, eyes, cheeks) and are formed from natural pigment which is easily blendable and buildable, according to your desired look. Sustainable, multi-use, plant-derived and built upon the most ethical foundations.


Despite profoundly disapproving of new resolutions at this time of year, I could and should make an exception when it comes to the parlous state of my make up brushes. Beauty Hygiene Plus make upkeep a doddle with their best-selling bacteria-busting sprays and washes.

From £8

Aromatherapist Suzy Ashworth cites grapefruit as her go-to uplifting fragrance and having had the joyful Grapefruit candle from Nest New York lit in my house throughout this darkest month I can only concur. Rounded out by the softer notes of lily of the valley and coriander blossom, my home is a perfumed sanctuary, and the glass holder is definitely keepsake worthy.

From £40


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