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Love Delivered: Ethical Flowers

“ Not only do they look heavenly, but the rooms of my home are filled with their sweet, fresh scent.”

Editing a title like OX not only allows me to interview fascinating people or sample sumptuous skincare; it is also an education.

Prior to taking up the position I hadn’t thought too much about the ethics of cut flowers, but I have read with increasing interest about the impact of imported blooms and the emergence of UK-based, sustainable flower growers, some of whom also offer delivery options (see

Love Delivered is based in Lincolnshire where they grow a variety of exquisite, seasonal, floral delights, irrigated using recycled rainwater and kept warm through winter through use of a biomass heating system which uses recycled wood. Packaging is – obviously – recyclable, too, and I really like the fact they come cosseted in a biodegradable gel (rather than water) to keep them fresh and hydrated. Not only do they look heavenly, but the rooms of my home are filled with their sweet, fresh scent.

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rosie vhocva
Mon 20 May 2024

Fans of the BBC’s show, Interior Design Masters, will instantly recognise the signature style of this year’s winner, Roisin Quinn. Bold, beautiful and unapologetically maximalist, viewers watched week by week as Roisin went from self-declared novice to overall winner as the series progressed.S he has now launched a capsule homeware collection with interiors brand, La Redoute and, as a fan of the show and a fan of her joyous aesthetic I was delighted to meet her and learn more. 

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Mon 20 May 2024

Benji Lewis is an established British interior designer with extensive experience working on residential and commercial properties both at home and abroad. After training at the KLC School of Interior Design, Benji worked for Bonhams Auctioneers and a major Interiors house in London before successfully setting up on his own in 2004.

jo loves candle oex8wd
Mon 20 May 2024

In an ideal world we could herald the change in seasons by throwing open our windows and allowing the sweet scents of nature to fill our homes. In practice, we can help nature along a little by using fragrance to create the ambiance we are seeking, be it posh hotel lobby, an intimate boudoir or even summer on the Med.

Disraeli memorabilia NTI Andreas von Einsiedel rymnt6
Mon 20 May 2024

A new exhibition at Hughenden Manor has opened which explores how Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli carefully curated his own image and used Hughenden as stage and backdrop for creating his own legend.