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Matthews Cotswold Flour Partners with Six Inches of Soil in Promoting Regenerative Farming

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Matthews Cotswold Flour, one of the UK’s oldest yet most innovative family-run flour mills, has partnered with Six Inches of Soil as part of its wider commitment to supporting and promoting regenerative farming methods that turn the tide on the degradation of soil health.

Bertie Matthews, Managing Director of Matthews Cotswold Flour, explains: “Six Inches of Soil is a feature film which documents the inspiring story of young British farmers pioneering regenerative agriculture from the ground up and transforming the way they produce food in order to heal the soil, benefit our health and provide for local communities. We are delighted to be able to partner with Six Inches of Soil to support this film and help share the importance of regenerative farming with as wide an audience as possible.”

Bertie continues: “Current farming practices have proven to have long term damages to our soils. We need to balance food availability and price with farming practices that regenerate soil fertility, not just sustain it. We want to do everything that we can to ensure our business is helping to preserve the fertility of the soil for future generations. This is why we set up the Cotswold Grain Partnership, to guarantee a fair price for local farmers who are prepared to adopt regenerative farming methods.”

Bertie adds: “Regenerative farming practices promote healthier soils, provide healthier food, restore biodiversity and sequester carbon. We have already produced two wholly regeneratively farmed flours and our aim is that within the next ten years all our flours will be produced from grains that have been regeneratively farmed. As producers we want to provide consumers with affordable, healthy food that is better for the planet.”

Matthews Cotswold Flour has been a supporter of Six Inches of Soil for the past two years and, as one of the film partners, sponsored the sold out preview screening on Thursday 8th February at FarmEd in Shipton under Wychwood.

Bertie finishes:” It was a pleasure to support the screening of this new film and be part of the panel of speakers, alongside two of our farming partners. It was a privilege to be able to share our passion for regenerative farming and highlight its importance to the audience.”

With the help of its partners, the Six Inches of Soil team has created an online resource so people can dig deeper on regenerative farming, healthy soil, the food system, climate and nature. Their website also provides details of screening dates for the film.

For more information on Six Inches of Soil visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram


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