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Neurodivergent Moments Podcast at the Old Fire Station

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Ever walk into a room and immediately forget why you’re there? Or get confused when someone is surprised you’ve taken what they said literally? Comedians, Abigoliah Schamaun and Joe Wells do, and so do their guests, and these Neurodivergent Moments shine a light into the world of our diverse minds.

Each episode, ADHD Abigoliah and Autistic Joe, speak to a guest with a neurodivergence about their divergence, life, career and how they navigate the neurotypical society we live in. This episode’s guest is Phil Carr, who fell into online fame partly by accident and partly by lockdowns. His videos chronicling The UK balance the tightrope of comedy, satire and education. This 39-year-old content creator from Surrey has amassed over 1 MILLION followers across social media platforms with his dry wit and sardonic humour. Despite this Phil has somehow managed to both hold down a marriage and father a child. Four years into posting online and zero cancellations (so far).

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Old Fire Station, Oxford - 26 May


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