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Nurse Jamie Uplift

Tech Neck Treatment

Nurse Jamie

Science has kindly given us 24-hour access to tech but one of the lesser-discussed hazards of constant streaming and scrolling is the delightfully named ‘turtle tech neck’.

I try and steer clear of scaremongering but there is a noticeable effect from all the forward tilting as we crane to see our tiny screens. LA-based skincare expert and registered nurse, Nurse Jamie, has come up with her solution, the Instant Uplift 1 Piece. It incorporates 24 semi-precious tourmaline stones in a massaging beauty roller designed to be used daily on the face, neck and décolletage to reduce puffiness, improve skin tone, and boost the lymphatic system.

There are precautions for use (pregnancy, pacemaker, metal allergies, etc) but if you’re looking for an alt approach, why not embrace the healing power of crystals?



Thu 9 May 2024

When your brain is grappling with vows, table-plans and floral arrangements, planning your pre-wedding skincare schedule can feel quite overwhelming. There are so many choices, all promising results but will they deliver in a single one hour-long treatment? I went to Dr Joney De Souza’s clinic in Blandford Street, London W1 to try the Brazilian Zero Downtime Facial.

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