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Oxfordshire Artists

Aesop’s and Other Animals in Art


Anthropomorphism: the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to an animal (or object). For generations, humans have portrayed various animal species as wise or wicked, friendly or fierce, bright or dull through literature and art.

Here are some characters by Oxfordshire Artweeks artists: on p xx, you can consider further whether the emotions and characteristics bestowed on each matches reality.

Jackdaws at St Davids, mixed media (watercolour & acrylic) by Amy Letts

£399 Contact Amy via

Two friendly donkeys, Daisy and Daffodil by Melanie Charles, mini framed fine art print with signature.


Your Inner Leo, an original oil painting by Danielle Carr.

£700. Instagram

Wolf by Livio Lobo. Soft Pastels on velour paper.

Limited edition giclée print, £65

Fox in the Snow, acrylics, by Amy Letts,

£240. Contact Amy via

British Crows by Jane Tomlinson, available as a signed print,


Madagascan tortoise with a box under the shell by Philippa Norris.

Porcelain, £45.

Stained-glass hare by Kerry Houghton.

Hand painted and kiln-fired, £125.00

Pips Wish, a field mouse by Colin Stokes.

Limited edition prints available in A3, A4 & A5 from £20 to £50

Bathing Monkey by Ed Helliwell. Black ink on paper with a digitally-created background.

A4 prints, £40 unframed.

Crossing Wildebeest, Namibia, by King’s Sutton photographer David Bostock.

From £79

A Fox at Twilight, in which a benevolent fox flies over the gently sleeping city. Limited edition linoprint by Sophie Basilevitch.



Aled Jones
Fri 1 Dec 2023

For over 40 years, Aled Jones MBE has been the (un)official ‘voice of Christmas’ since recording Walking In The Air for the 1982 adaptation of the Raymond Briggs’ classic, The Snowman.

The Big Moon 2 kcrpxf
Fri 1 Dec 2023

London-based female quartet, The Big Moon are back on tour following a summer of festivals, and on 15 November they’re coming to Oxford’s O2 Academy.

Prue L
Thu 1 Jun 2023

We spoke to Prue Leith ahead of her appearance at Kite Festival in June.

Sara Pascoe
Wed 1 Feb 2023

We got in touch with Sara Pascoe ahead of her show at New Theatre Oxford in March.