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Petrolhead - Spare a Thought

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My day job is in recruitment centres around the logistics industry. We supply drivers of all types of vehicles to companies that need them. 

Historically, the run up to Christmas is always busy, but nowadays – with the new generation of must-have-it-now shoppers and websites promising next day delivery to anywhere – this time of year can become quite unbearable for those in the business of transportation; especially the drivers. Now add to this Clean Air Zones, Red Routes, Congestion Charges, width, weight, height and time restrictions for deliveries in and around our towns and cities, the spectre of VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce on unsuspecting HGV drivers (who not only drive but now must take a mini university degree every five years in order to obtain and keep their CPC licence, Certificate of Professional Competence). This licence gives them the 'privilege' of keeping up with EU regulations that, if ignored, can prove costly to the driver. With all this in mind you can see why many are leaving the industry for pastures new.

If Covid taught us one thing, it was that some jobs – often viewed as unimportant – must be seen in a different light. Many of these jobs proved vital in keeping the UK going. Commercial drivers along with care workers and refuse collectors were most definitely on that list.

In the UK we struggle with overcrowded roads and underwhelming levels of driving competency but however good or bad, we all strive for the same goal of getting to our destinations safely whether for business or pleasure. 

So, spare a thought this Christmas to the unsung heroes of the transport industry whose workplace is the often-dangerous UK road network. Cut 'white van man' some slack; they have probably still got 85 more parcels to deliver and it's seven o’clock at night. Better still thank them. Be it the delivery van driver or the HGV lorry driver en-route to the supermarkets enabling shelves to be fully stocked with Ferrero Rocher and mince pies. Wave to the bus and taxi drivers ferrying drunks to and from Christmas parties at all hours, and don't forget those poor souls on mopeds going out in all weathers to bring McBurgers and pizza to your front door. They should all be thanked – even hugged if appropriate. Merry Christmas all.


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Mon 3 Jun 2024

For many people, the path into yoga starts with exercise. There might be a desire to lose weight, get toned or improve fitness in some way.  As these results start to be felt, the student might explore deeper aspects of the practice; realising that yoga can be a whole healthy lifestyle, and not just a class.

Oxford Pride
Fri 31 May 2024

“Darling,” OX managing director, Jill Rayner says to me, “can you write something about Pride? Because even though you’ve moved to Australia and Melbourne’s queer scene is bigger than Oxford’s, the principle’s the same.” 

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Tue 7 May 2024

By the time this edition of OX Magazine is out, I’ll be on the other side of the world, most likely a little sunburnt and full of a lot of ramen. I’m leaving my very jammy role as Entertainments Editor to go travelling. It recently dawned on me though, that for the first time in my life I have no idea what’s next for me, and I don’t think I mind.

F1 TV lxb9db
Wed 1 May 2024

Laura Winter is one of the lead presenters for F1 TV, presenting Grands Prix from all over the world to audiences of over 100m people.