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“As Women, we often absorb stress within our pelvis, which is quite literally  flooring our Pelvic Floors.”
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Has Covid Floored Your Pelvic Floor?

Covid has negatively impacted many aspects of our lives, but few will spare a thought for their Pelvic Floor. As Women, we often absorb stress within our pelvis, which is quite literally flooring our Pelvic Floors. While you may, or may not, be aware that you are walking around with your shoulders up around your ears or clenching your jaw in these challenging times, your Pelvic Floor could also be suffering and crying out for help. Have you noticed a lack of control with your bladder or bowels, difficulty going to the loo, back or pelvic pain, feelings of heaviness or dragging down below or a lack of comfort or pleasure in the bedroom? These are all symptoms that could be caused by too much tension in your Pelvic Floor.

My name is Alexandra Keating, Owner and Specialist Physiotherapist at Oxfordshire’s Leading Women’s Health Physiotherapy Clinic “PHYSIO FOR WOMEN”. Almost every woman we now see at our Pelvic Floor Clinic is presenting with an overactive and tensioned Pelvic Floor. Therefore, I would love to share THE TOP-TIP on how to rebalance your Pelvic Floor and improve your Pelvic Health, which is to learn how to:


Diaphragmatic Breathing can help restore your Pelvic Floor to a more normal length tension and resting tone, allowing it to function better. The Diaphragm and your Pelvic Floor work in synchrony and under normal circumstances they will rise and fall together rhythmically and with ease as we breathe.


Lay quietly and comfortably and become aware of your breathing. Place one hand flat on your chest, and the other on your tummy. Take each breath down into your tummy, allowing your hand to rise with each breath in, and fall as you breathe out. Aim to keep your chest still and for your out-breath to be longer than your n-breath. Continue this for 5 minutes each day.

Your Pelvic Floor will thank you for it!

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