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Practicality Brown at The Chelsea Flower Show 2022


The Container Garden category at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show showcased positive green spaces for health, wellbeing and the environment. The aim was to show that any space – no matter how small –can be turned into a gardening haven.

Each of these five small gardens were conceived by newly qualified garden designers, and all were bordered with Practicality Brown’s Practical Instant Hedge™. They each offer plenty of inspiration if you’re looking to make the most of limited space and resources.

A Mediterranean Reflection Silver Medal

Designed by Mallorca Garden Design, this container garden utilises the colours and stone textures of the Mediterranean through artisan elements.

Mandala, Meditation and Mindfulness Garden Silver Medal

Designed by Nikki Hollier, this garden offers a safe haven to spend time sitting and meditating, listening to the tranquil water, bees humming and birds singing – a calm and restful but rejuvenating space.

The Enchanted Rain Garden Silver Gilt Medal

Designed by Bea Tann. Inspired by a rainy garden in Manchester, this container garden is designed to thrive in wet conditions, influenced by UK forests.

The Still Garden Gold Medal and Best Garden in Category

Designed by Jane Porter. This garden is inspired by the plants that thrive across the Highlands and Islands. The plants reference native species and the climate to evoke an atmosphere that is immersive, secluded and still.

Wild Kitchen Garden Silver Gilt Medal

Designed by Ann Treneman. Wild edible plants and trees are brought into a small urban setting. The planting is informal colourful, airy, natural, and tasty too. It would work perfectly in the back garden of a city terrace.

You can still see these gardens, and much more of the Chelsea Flower Show, in the comprehensive TV coverage on the BBC iPlayer.

Talk to the Horticultural team at Practicality Brown about how Practical Instant Hedge™ could be right for your own garden. Email


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