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Rethinking Masculinity Through Fashion

“Men’s fashion has undeniably come a long way and is becoming an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.”
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For the longest time, the market for men’s fashion has been lacking diversity. Historically, men’s fashion has been traditional and heteronormative. While there is nothing wrong with that if that’s your preferred style, in recent years, the market has opened up to offer more innovative menswear designs and redefine what it means to be masculine.

Now, you can find bolder silhouettes that celebrate diverse body types and gender-neutral designs in mainstream fashion. Skirts, dresses and traditionally feminine materials are no longer considered off-limits and are promoting inclusivity and fostering self-expression.

Breaking Stereotypes

Thanks to the promotion of trailblazing celebrities and models like Harry Styles and Lil Nas X on the red carpet, men and nonbinary folks are no longer afraid to experiment when it comes to their street style.

The age of hypermasculinity as the only trope of masculinity is over. Items that are stereotypically associated with the feminine like heels, skirts and purses are quickly becoming staples of everyday menswear.

Men are breaking free from the traditional blue and pink dichotomy and are embracing a wider range of colours, materials and silhouettes. As fashion becomes more androgynous and queer-friendly, the fashion industry is breaking down stereotypical gender norms.

Embracing Fluidity

Knitted cardigans, sleeve-free vest tops, kilts and pastel silk shirts are just a few examples of how men are embracing garments that were once considered exclusively feminine. This shift is a reflection of a broader shift in cultural acceptance of diversity and individuality.

While it was almost unthinkable that men were taking to the streets in skirts a few years ago, there is now a growing appetite for effeminate styles, and this is now reflected in consumer habits and retailer offerings.

This gender fluidity is working both ways. In women’s fashion, oversized watches and androgynous silhouettes are becoming more popular. Celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz are embracing the big watch energy by wearing an elegant OMEGA watch and raising questions about why smaller watches are reserved for female wrists and vice versa.

Self-Expression and Identity

For many men, clothing serves as a means of self-expression and allows them to communicate aspects of their personality, interests and values. By embracing a more inclusive and diverse range of styles, fashion enables individuals to explore and celebrate their unique identities.

As more men soften their attitudes toward traditional masculinity and experiment with what they can wear, they will see what can really be achieved through clothes. No longer does clothing and style feed into what defines a ‘man’ and more open-minded, gender-fluid fashion is boosting men’s self-esteem and mental health.

Men’s fashion has undeniably come a long way and is becoming an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.


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