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The 17-23 of this month marks Big Energy Saving Week, which, in the midst of a Cost-of-Living Crisis, has also been the case for many for the previous 45ish weeks or so but I suppose it’s nice to have a little graphic on Instagram to officially commemorate it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve recently moved into my first place where the bills aren’t included, or maybe my anxiety was just on the hunt for something new to hyperfixate on, but I seem to have gone to new and intolerable levels when it comes to keeping an eye on the bills.

From turning off the TV when people are watching because ‘it’s nice to just talk’ and removing still damp clothes from the heated drying rack so I can turn it off, to positioning myself within eyeline of the bathroom at parties so I can make sure everyone turns the light off after use, I will go to any length to save money in the most annoying way possible – am I selling myself as the perfect flatmate yet?

Recently though, I’ve been trying to remind myself that whether I like it or not, the money’s still going to be coming out of my bank account, and I’m either paying to have a nice, relaxed time in my home, or I’m paying to feel guilty every single day – one of which seems more worth the money.

It struck me that this attitude extends to life and anxiety in general too. Regardless of how crazy I drive myself fretting and regretting I’ll still have spent the same amount of money, still made all the same shitty decisions, embarrassed myself the same number of times, and overplucked my eyebrows into oblivion every time it comes back into trend but there’s no point filling the rest of the time worrying about it.

Easier said than done, sure but also worth whatever it takes to fill this wasted time with something worthwhile. This ‘Big Energy Saving Week’, I’m reducing the energy I spend being anxious and using it elsewhere, for something fun.

Happy New Year x


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Tue 2 Apr 2024

In the rich tapestry of English history, few figures loom as large as St George, the patron saint of England. His legendary exploits, particularly his valiant battle against the fearsome dragon, have become ingrained in the cultural fabric of the nation. Yet, amidst the myths and legends, the historical details of his life remain somewhat elusive.

Tue 2 Apr 2024

I still love all things needing petrol to make them work; especially cars and bikes, so I’m a pariah in the eyes of many, which is ironic as the word ‘pariah’ originated from India which is where much of our motoring manufacturing has gone.

NFRSA kf55rd
Wed 13 Mar 2024

The Right Honourable Countess Bathurst, affectionately known as Lady B, has long been involved in her local community. She lives with the Earl (and her beloved dogs) at Cirencester Park and has served as president and patron of many local charities, as well as a stint as High Sheriff of Gloucestershire and Ambassador for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the county.

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Fri 1 Mar 2024

In many areas of life, the top spots are taken by males. This often has nothing to do with talent. The situation is slowly improving but the world would be a better place if more of our global leaders were female. We need fewer testosterone-fuelled males with inflated egos and more level-headed women to help guide us towards the promised land. In our household it's the women who get things done.