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Scentscape your Home

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In an ideal world we could herald the change in seasons by throwing open our windows and allowing the sweet scents of nature to fill our homes. In practice, we can help nature along a little by using fragrance to create the ambiance we are seeking, be it posh hotel lobby, an intimate boudoir or even summer on the Med.

Hotel Vibes: Clean and Neutral

Clean Living’s Amber collection Reed Diffuser is fragranced with notes of cashmere and black amber which combine to create a fresh, sophisticated and welcoming aroma. The rattan reed sticks should imbue your home with their balsamic fragrance for up to six months and, in keeping with Clean Living’s mission statement, these are non-toxic, plant-derived, recyclable and sustainable.


Bucolic Retreat: Deep Floral Immersion

With all the sweetness of the season, this layered candle from Jo Loves takes you through a magical Spring which first beguiles you with tropical Tahitian gardenia before revealing a middle layer in which orange blossoms bloom. The third layer, the final swansong, is formed from the luxuriously exotic notes of tuberose. The joyous experience of travelling through these expensive-smelling florals is only enhanced by a delightfully illustrated glass holder.


Italian Riviera: Stylish and Sophisticated

The Sunseeker home fragrance range from Paul Smith is as smart, sharp and detailed as his fashion range and is equally easter-egged with rich, thoughtful detail. Let’s start with the glass casing which mimics the turquoise blue of iridescent sea water, topped with sunshine yellow. The herb-infused fragrance perfectly captures the sunshine feelgood of the best holidays; crisp Italian bergamot, sweet citrussy mandarin and the fresh green of basil. On an overcast day you’ll want to inhale this and let it act as the olfactory equivalent of a simulated sun lamp. From


Intimate Spaces: Heady and Sensual

If you haven’t lit an incense stick since student days, let us assure you that they’ve come a long way in terms of fragrance but still create great impact when it comes to diffusing their scent. Temple of Incense started from founders’ Simi and Sam’s market stall in London’s Portobello and has now become the go-to place for luxury incense, resins, oils and oud. Their latest launch features the deep velvet of Bulgarian rose combined with sexy oud soaked into halmaddi and woods and wrapped around a bamboo stick. It is utterly intoxicating.


Palatial Grandeur: Regal and Refined

Let’s be honest, any interior would be elevated simply from showcasing this lavish gold and sky-blue vessel, inspired by the Palace of Versailles. Now, let’s consider the scent where the court of Louis XVI continues to inspire, but in this case it is the royal gardens. Soft sweet florals and sun-baked herbs are blended with warming oak wood at the base. The Versailles X Trudon includes candles and reed diffusers and starts from



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Mon 3 Jun 2024

Kärcher UK, winners of the Moreton Show (Large) Trade Stand 2023, are set to return on Saturday 7th September to exhibit and enjoy the local one-day agricultural extravaganza.

Fri 31 May 2024

The West Oxfordshire town of Bampton is a picturesque place with a number of well-kept period properties lining the streets. As you head towards Clanfield, there is a discrete turning into the driveway which takes you to the imposing Ham Court, owned by designer, illustrator and author Mattew Rice.

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Fri 31 May 2024

The National Trust looks after more than 250,000 hectares of countryside, 780 miles of coastline and 500 historic properties, gardens and nature reserves including some of the region’s most beautiful wildflower meadows, protected by the National Trust rangers.

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Fri 31 May 2024

Hardy Geraniums or Cranesbills are a large genus with around 422 species of annuals, biennials and herbaceous perennials, some of which may be semi-evergreen.