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Spruce Up Your Garden This Summer

With Our Green Fingered Gardening Tips

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In our latest series of home improvement guides, we find out some of the environmentally friendly ways you can make the most of your garden this summer, as the experts from Fantastic Services share their top tips and tricks on sustainable practices to help you hone your gardening and plant care skills…

Plant a Majestic Tree

One of the most nature-friendly things to do is to plant a tree. Planting trees is among the cheapest and most effective ways to combat climate change. So, if you have the space in your garden, then you should most definitely plant one. As trees grow, they can absorb more and more CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in their leaves and woody mass.

Use Sustainably Sourced Materials

Nowadays, you can find a more sustainable version of pretty much anything. This applies to the products that are used in gardens as well. Be it tools, pots, or furniture, do your best to opt for ones that are made locally. This reduces the CO2 footprint because of the minimum required transportation. Also, make sure to avoid garden plastic accessories like the plague. A great example is to use biodegradable pots rather than plastic ones.

Be Smart About Water Usage

Gardens require a lot of water. Or at least this is what most garden owners think. In reality, there are only a few perennials and shrubs which need additional watering once they are well-established. Water your plants thoroughly once a week – this way, the roots of the plants will have to go deeper into the soil to reach the moisture that they require. A single watering per week for each plant should suffice. And here’s a wonderful trick that will save you some time – count the seconds necessary to fill a can with water, then hose your plants for the exact same time.

Make Your Own Compost

Composting is another great way to make your garden eco-friendlier. The idea is simple; you collect all your organic waste (vegetable and fruit peel, fallen leaves, etc.) in one big container, when the container fills up, you use the accumulated rotting matter to enrich the soil of your garden with precious nutrients. It is a great way to save money on fertiliser, reduce your waste, and keep things as natural as possible.

Lower Your Power Usage

Conservation of energy is one of the most important aspects of being eco-friendly. So, what can be done in regard to your garden? For starters, let’s take a look at the humble lawnmower. You should ditch the petrol-based unit and switch to electrical if possible. But it would be even better if you go all manual. What a wonderful way to save money on energy and stay truly nature-friendly. Besides, it counts as exercise! And don’t be afraid to reach for the hand tools from time to time. Simply trim your hedges with shears rather than an automatic chainsaw.

Make Your Garden A Bee-Friendly Haven

Did you know that most bee species are solitary bees? These bees do not form colonies, instead, they create their own little nests, and your garden is the perfect spot for some friendly little bees. Bees are precious because a huge percentage of the world’s food crops rely on wild pollinators. So, what can you do to make your garden a more bee-friendly space? For starters, be careful with pesticides and insecticides. Opt for products that are specifically with low toxicity to pollinators, if possible. On the other hand, you can plant a variety of flowers that bloom throughout spring and summer to create a consistent source of precious nectar and pollen.

Opt for Organic Products to Feed Your Plants

You can treat and feed your lovely plants in a more wholesome way by opting for organic products. This way you will not be enriching your soil with mysterious chemicals, and you will avoid the risk of harming the precious bees! From slug controlling agents to soil conditioners and fertiliser, there are now organic versions of those that you can purchase and use in your garden.

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