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Sunshine Cat Rescue

200 Club

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Through fundraising, donations and our rehoming programme, Sunshine Cat Rescue creates funds which are vital to continually maintaining and running the organisation.

Unfortunately, we do not receive any government funding, and with increasing numbers of cats and kittens being brought into us every month the veterinary and care bills are mounting.

Help us raise funds to preserve this charity.

Sign up for The Sunshine 200 Club now!

For just £5 a month you can help us raise over £7,000 a year for Sunshine Cat Rescue! Every month you could win...

1st PRIZE £200

2ND PRIZE £100


Important T & C’s

· A monthly prize draw will be held for up to 200 tickets in the club

· A member may hold more than one number but the total number in any draw must not exceed 200

· Members whose subscriptions fall more than one month in arrears will be withdrawn from the draw

· Subscriptions are made by standing order on the 1st day of the month

· Prize money can be paid direct to the winners bank account

· There is no minimum period for subscription, please contact your bank to cancel your standing order and let Sunshine Cat Rescue know.


· Complete this form by clicking here

· Return your Membership Application

· Forward your Standing Order Mandate to your bank (or set it up online).

· Once we receive confirmation of the standing order you will be allocated a number and entered into the monthly draw.

. The draw will take place by the 15th of every month.

*Subject to the full number of tickets being sold. 1st place is 20%, 2nd place is 10% and 3rdplace is 5%.


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