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Sustainable Beauty

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Although prompted by the sustainability-inspired awareness days that fall in October, surely every month – every day – should be one in which we are mindful of our environmental impact? The beauty industry is certainly stepping up to make positive, permanent, life-enhancing change.

Here’s our latest top-picks...

Inspired by nature and the joy of living, Japanese green skincare brand Athletia rely heavily on ingredients sourced from plants grown at their own recycling-oriented farms. The impressive collection ranges from divine rooms sprays to nurturing skincare, including my current favourite night-time treat: Phyto Sleeping Cream, a relaxing lavender-scented veil to hydrate and firm.


CeraVe have taken their superlative skincare know-how and turned it into more sustainable bar form with the launch of their Hydrating Cleansing Bar. Hailed as the ‘skinification of soap’, it contains 5% CeraVe moisturising cream and slow-release ingredients to last out the day.


Each morning the seaweed off the coast of Sligo is harvested by hand to create Voya’s exceptional range of award-winning certified organic skincare and wellbeing products. Their latest drop (a range of advanced facial serums) combines latest research by leading cosmetic chemists with ethically sourced ingredients and works to rehydrate, renew or brighten, depending on your skin concern.


In terms of being kind to the planet, jojoba is up there with the greats. The plant is carbon-negative, and the oil does wonders for skin, hair, and nails. Aussie brand The Jojoba Company harvests from its own crops to create well priced, effective skincare in cruelty-free, planet friendly formulae.

From £13.99

Making the switch to a natural-based deodorant can feel a little daunting but I’ve been excited to try the new balm from AKT. This nourishing, plant derived cream is ideally applied using the applicator (purchased separately, £26) and can be used anywhere on the body. The aluminium-free combination of plant and mineral powders work to absorb sweat and neutralise odours. The big plus is the choice of genuinely appealing fragrances blends.


Alternatively, if you prefer your natural deodorant in bar formula, the award-winning Cacoa Pow Deo Bar is a fantastic choice at a great price. Made from just three ingredients, including organic cacao butter, it’s been created to allow skin to breath whilst providing odour protection for up to eight hours.


Zero-waste botanicals – including camellia seed oil and upcycled by-products from agriculture, food and juice industry like apricot kernels and plum seed – are used in Pai Skincare’s new C-2 Believe Vitamin-C infused daily moisturiser. It can be used on any skin-type – including sensitive – to brighten, sooth and help maintain a healthy barrier.


Turmeric’s status as a superfood (spice?) is widely accepted so it makes sense to base skincare around its marvellous healing potential and Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics (a proudly climate-neutral certified brand) have done just that. In their Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser, the blend of actives feels lively on the skin, leaving it tinglingly fresh and clean without tightness.


Vegan, ocean-safe, cruelty-free may not be words you usually associate with teeth-whitening but happily, Spotlight Oral are changing that. Their latest Teeth Whitening Powder Diamond PAP is a non-abrasive treatment to be used alongside your usual toothpaste to give instant effect.


Swedish eco-luxury experts, Bjork + Berries have created something truly wonderful with their super-smelling Never Spring Shampoo and Conditioner, with aloe vera and birch extract. Sulphate-free, the shampoo lathers up a treat and the conditioner leaves hair soft, shiny and subtly scented. Plus, a small amount goes a pleasingly long way, so the bottles last several months.

£26 each


Thu 9 May 2024

When your brain is grappling with vows, table-plans and floral arrangements, planning your pre-wedding skincare schedule can feel quite overwhelming. There are so many choices, all promising results but will they deliver in a single one hour-long treatment? I went to Dr Joney De Souza’s clinic in Blandford Street, London W1 to try the Brazilian Zero Downtime Facial.

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Wed 1 May 2024

National Smile Month starts on 13 May and it’s ironic, but usually a trip to the dentist isn’t too much to smile about. I guess it depends on the dentist, though. I went down to London’s Wimpole Street to meet Dr Tom Crawford Clarke of Luceo Dental to find out more about teeth whitening.

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Wed 1 May 2024

Little Beast soap bars come from the Little Soap Company and are available in a choice of three varieties for Sensitive Dogs (with sweet almond oil, oatmeal and chamomile), Scruffy Dogs (with pink clay, shea butter and a refreshing citrus scent) and…there’s no polite way of saying this…Smelly Dogs.

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Wed 1 May 2024

Skincare brand, Perricone MD set the bar high with the No Makeup collection which includes natural-looking mascara, highlight, a foundation serum, and an invaluable blush. This range has just