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Table Games: The Tactical Side Of Online Gambling

“Not all table games are tactical, but most require more skill than slot machines and other online games.”
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The very nature of gambling makes it rely on chance. If you’re “gambling” anything, you don’t have a concrete idea of the outcome. This is what makes it so exciting and gets the adrenaline thumbing. Despite the random nature of most online gambling games, some encourage a strong tactical element. All of a sudden your chances of winning aren’t just up to pure luck; you have more control over your fate.

We’re interested in the tactical side of online gambling, and it’s only possible when you play table games. What are table games and which ones rely less on chance and more on your skills as a player?

What Are Table Games?

Looking at the Wikipedia entry for casino games, we can see that they’re divided into three main categories:

  • Gaming Machines
  • Random Number Games
  • Table Games

Gaming machines involve games like slots, which get you to play them using a machine. This translates to the online realm as well and table games are defined as any casino game that’s typically played at a table. The difference with online casinos is that you’re now playing them at virtual tables.

The most common and popular table games are listed below:

  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps

Which Table Games Require The Most Skill?

All table games require some semblance of skill, but the first three mentioned above are the most skill-centric.


Poker comes in many forms, yet Texas Hold Em is the most universally played. It can be enjoyed online at countless casinos - and UK punters will be happy to know there are lots of poker sites for GamStop users as well. The “chance” element of poker comes from the cards you’re drawn, but that’s pretty much where it ends.

Your chances of success are based on your abilities as a poker player. It’s even more skill-based if you play online poker against other people. You can turn a bad hand into a great one with excellent bluffing or wagering manoeuvres. There’s genuinely such a strong tactical element to poker that many people call it the chess of casinos.

The best way to demonstrate this is to say that bad poker players always lose. If you’re terrible at poker, no amount of luck will help you win. Conversely, good poker players can win all the time and plenty have made a living out of this game. There are proper poker tournaments held with huge cash prizes and televised all over the world - it’s almost more of a sport than a casino game these days!


Roulette is an interesting one as most people will say it’s entirely luck-based. Indeed, the winners and losers are decided by a ball falling into a random place on the wheel. There’s no way to influence where this ball falls, so that’s why roulette is seen as a game based only on chance.

However…it’s no secret that some people win more from roulette than others. Knowing how the game mechanics work and understanding the odds of winning can give you a competitive edge. For instance, placing all of your money on one number is a pointless pursuit of greatness. You’re giving yourself the longest odds possible of winning, meaning you will probably lose.

The killer argument in favour of roulette involving tactics is the presence of multiple roulette strategies. Gamers have developed ways to manipulate the odds and increase your chances of making a profit across a roulette session. This proves there’s more to it than simply closing your eyes and relying on lady luck - yes, you’ll need her, but good strategies can help you in more ways than you know.


The third table game involving a great deal of tactics is blackjack. This game has a simple premise:

Beat the dealer or reach “21” without going bust.

Once more, it depends on the luck of the draw and you do not influence that. And yet, good blackjack players will always win more often than bad ones. It comes down to understanding when to hit, stand, split or double down. The fact some of you don’t know these terms proves that there’s clearly more to the game than mere chance.

Learn how to play blackjack and avoid going bust and you’ll be surprised how often you win. In our mind, it’s up there with poker as the most tactical of all the table games.

Not all table games are tactical, but most require more skill than slot machines and other online games. Improve the possibility of winning money by focusing on tactical table games so your outcomes aren’t just left up to chance.


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