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Talking Trees: Eden Tree Surgery

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Why are trees so magical and why do I love them so much? As a child I loved nature, climbing trees, and enjoying our countryside. I especially remember the ancient oaks at Blenheim Palace and the fun of measuring their girth to age them; standing inside some of the hollow trunks and trying to imagine what history the trees would have seen. So, my love of trees started at an early age.

Not only are trees essential for life – they give us oxygen, absorb pollutants, help to slow the rate of global warming, help prevent flooding and soil erosion, provide shade and shelter – but they also provide habitats for our wildlife.

Take a walk through some woods and within a few minutes you will be feeling the beneficial effects. Trees are living organisms and they carry their history in their annual rings. The larger trees of our native species – oak, ash and beech – can weigh 30 tons and could be older than many of our ancient monuments. We live near trees in our gardens and parks, and in our beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, and we need to take care of them; not only because we care for the environment, but also because of their beauty and the sense of peace which they invoke within us.

However, we usually take them for granted and tend to forget about them, so they are often neglected. Suddenly, the small tree that was planted a few years ago in your garden, has now become somewhat large and straggly, and may have branches over-hanging neighboring property or may be listing somewhat dangerously near a fence or boundary. Trees can quickly grow out of the space they were originally intended for. The can cause too much shading or – if they are fruit trees – will be poorly fruiting. Likewise, they can also cause damage to property and fencing.

As always, trees continue to grow and need management to keep them in good condition; they require careful pruning, reshaping and reducing, or possibly even removal if they become dangerous. Lockdown has been an extremely busy time for me as more people have turned to nature and their gardens as a means of relaxation, and they have been enjoying planting and carrying out renovations to their gardens. Usually this includes re-modelling a garden and planting shrubs and flowers, but sometimes a shrub, tree or hedge has completely outgrown the space and then needs to be managed.

I qualified as an Arborist in 2016 from Bampton Valley Training, with the kindest help, support and training from Mark Ponting, Wood Dragon Tree Surgery and Mick Boys Boward Tree Management. I’ve been given an opportunity to establish a professional business in Oxfordshire.

When I assess the condition of a tree, I provide advice to the owner on the best way to manage the tree – it may be pruned, reshaped, reduced, removal of any diseased branches, or it may require bracing. In some cases, trees could need to be totally felled if they are diseased, or have overgrown their site, or if they have been blown over by strong winds. I will only recommend this if it is essential. In the case of a tree that has to be felled, I can also carry out root grinding or stump removal.

Storm Eunice caused much damage to our trees in Oxfordshire, with the high winds which caused trees to uproot and branches to weaken and fall. I was kept busy repairing and reshaping, removing any dead or handing branches in order to make them safe and to help them better endure future weather events. I also conduct climbing inspections and provide advice in order to protect your trees from potential storm damage, and I will check for any decay present.

I really enjoy my work as a tree surgeon – careful work on a tree will give it extra vigour and allow it to grow on for many years so that you can enjoy its beauty and environmental benefits.

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New build houses
Thu 18 Jul 2024

Congratulations! Buying a new home is such an exciting moment. Whether it is your very first home or you are upgrading your current property for something a bit nicer, there is no feeling like it. New build homes are such a great investment. Not only are they brand new for your family but you can feel confident that they have been designed with the future in mind. Many properties come with eco-friendly features which are great for safeguarding your family. Financing a new home can be a bit of a minefield. Let’s take a look at how you could buy your new home as well as some things to look out for along the way. Mortgage Mortgages are the most common financing option when buying a home. Buyers of new builds can benefit from mortgages designed for the intricacies of the new build process. Lenders may be a lot more critical when looking at your application as there is less security for them with a new build. As construction timelines can be subject to delays and issues, be sure to keep in touch with your lender and see if you can extend your mortgage in principal agreement. You may be able to get some help with buying a new build home. If you are a first-time buyer, look into whether you are eligible for a discount under the First Homes Scheme. Incentives from builders It is in the best interest of building developers to sell their new homes, so some may offer you incentives. You may be offered cash towards your deposit which will be transferred to your solicitor on completion. If you do take advantage of this, remember to inform your mortgage lender. For people who have already purchased a home, developers may be able to help you sell your old house. A developer-assisted sale is one where they will aid you with independent valuations, appropriate deals or the actual sale. This is often free, and they may pay for your estate agency fees. Hidden costs Buying a house can come with hidden costs such as stamp duty and moving costs. Delays in the construction of your new build can often be costly too. When thinking about your moving budget, it is wise to incorporate a buffer zone for additional expenses. Advice The home-buying process is not a straightforward one, so seeking help from professionals is prudent. A lot of the process includes legal intricacies which will be beyond your capabilities. Mortgage brokers, for example, will be invaluable when it comes to getting you a mortgage in principle that works for your situation. Not only will you be able to get the best deal and save money, but a broker will save you so much time. Instructing a firm of solicitors will also be worth the expense. They can do land searches, deed transfers and keep everything above board for you going forward.

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