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The Best Spring Wedding Decor Ideas With Trendy Colours and Seasonal Elements

“Here are our top ideas for decorating the spring wedding you have dreamed of.”
Spring wedding

The Top 6 Decorations for Spring Weddings: A Festive Display of Seasonal Flowers

Spring is the ideal wedding season. There are so many ideas that can give you inspiration for your spring wedding but soft colors of nature, simple decorations that you can do yourself, and fresh spring flowers from Flowwow London are all you need to make perfect spring wedding decorations.

Here are our top ideas for decorating the spring wedding you have dreamed of.

Plan a Stunning Spring Wedding with Vibrant Floral Arrangements

Spring offers you a wonderful range of countless delicate wedding flowers from colorful to pastel. However, to make your choice easier, here are the most popular spring wedding flowers:

  • Anemone. The popular anemone with a large head and black center blooms from April to June and adds an absolute modern kick to a wedding - no matter what color you choose.
  • Calla. The perfect flower for elegant winter or spring arrangements, the calla is available from florists with small or large blooms during the colder months.
  • Tulip. Unfortunately, you see them far too rarely, but tulips are the optimal wedding flowers in spring. This is because they immediately exude the freshness of this time of year, while still having an incredibly elegant look.

In addition, you can also consider snowball, wax flowers, mimosa, freesia, forsythia, or grape hyacinths for your wedding.

Spring-Themed Centerpieces

A favorite sound of spring is the babbling of a creek or running water if you have a pond, river, or stream near your home. Put water in centerpieces by trying one of the following ideas:

  • Create a babbling brook by buying cheap tabletop fountains and placing them on each table.
  • Make a mini river by placing narrow, low vases and putting sailboats, floating candles, or flower heads in them. This looks especially pretty when placed sporadically along rectangular tables.
  • Create a mini pond by placing polished pebbles in a clear vase and adding light blue water to various tables. Add small aquarium decorations to complete the look.

Also, when it comes to spring wedding centerpiece ideas, look at spring-blooming flowers, pastel colors, or your wedding theme. Using your imagination, you're sure to come up with some nice centerpieces for a spring wedding that fit into your budget.

Spring Wedding Color Palette

There are basically two popular color palettes you can choose for a spring wedding. The first comes in different shades of blue. It creates a metaphor for water, which is set in motion by the wind and creates small waves. Other colors, like white or silver, support this airy look. Blue has a calming, healing, and wise effect.

The second is a delicate violet that heralds the arrival of spring. This color palette, a combination of violet and blue, is inspired by nature and creates a great balance between warm and cool - a phenomenon that is especially common in spring.

Of course, you don't have to follow any rules, in the end, it's your own taste that counts, and that brings out the personality of your relationship.

Berry Accents

Using berries as decoration is a great way to convey the feeling of spring. At most weddings, berry tones are probably used in combination with white. On the one hand, white as a color is most symbolic of the wedding, and on the other hand, it is precisely the color contrast that conveys a special charm. This allows the colors to really shine without completely leaving out white at the wedding.

What berries you can use largely depends on what is available in your region at the moment. But no matter the type of berry you land on, they will make a gorgeous centerpiece for a spring wedding or can even become the main decoration element.

Decorating the Reception Chairs

Little things make your wedding unique. Chair decor is a great way to add unusual details and leave an individual imprint on your wedding. Restaurants have standard chairs that are used every day at every wedding, so why not make them unique and original for your wedding by adding just a few details?

Ask florists for tips on how you can decorate your chairs with flowers because there is nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers. If you do not have enough money for flowers, as this pleasure is expensive, then a more economical option is ribbons. Fasten them in different colors, with the addition of lace, floral ribbons, and velvet.

Apple Cider Serving

Foods and drinks can also help maintain the style of a spring wedding. Since green apples are often associated with this time of year, go all in and serve your guests a cool juice, or a mild cider if you have an outdoor wedding and the day is chilly. There is also punch or hot apple tea - both can quench your thirst and warm you up in the chill.


What Kind of Decorations are Needed for a Wedding?

There are no necessary decorations at a wedding, bet there are traditional ones like a wedding arch, centerpieces, and bridal bouquet.

What is a Good Budget for Wedding Decorations?

On average, wedding decorations can range from $2,000 to $10,000.

How Should I Decorate My Wedding?

However you like! There is no “wedding police” that dictates what should and shouldn’t be at the wedding.

What Every Wedding Should Have?

The bride and groom are the most important part of any wedding. Besides that, there are no concrete rules that dictate what should be at a wedding.

How Do You Fill Up Space at a Wedding?

Flowers are the most common way to fill up space. For example, you can create a flower wall area where guests can take pictures.


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