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The OX Jubilee Quiz


Adam Jacot de Boinod was a researcher for the first BBC series QI, compered by Stephen Fry, and is author of three books including ‘The Meaning of Tingo’.

He has taken a break from his Logophile column in OX magazine to produce a right royal conundrum in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee...

1) Where did Prince Philip break the news to the Queen of the death of her father, George VI?

2) On the 6th of which month this year will The Queen have become the first British Monarch to celebrate a 70-year Jubilee?

3) What are the names of Prince William’s three children (3rd, 4th and 5th in line for the throne respectively)?

4) Where will a Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen’s reign will be held?

5) Where did George V1 die?

6) Who greeted the young Princess at the airport as she flew back to become Queen?

7) In which year and where did Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh get married?

8) When is the Queen’s actual birthday?

9) After Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria who is the third longest reigning monarch?

10) By what name is The Queen’s Birthday Parade better known?

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1) Prince Philip broke the news of George VI's death as he was with his wife, beside a trout stream in the foothills of Mount Kenya

2) It was 6 February when the Queen actually become the first British Monarch to rule for 70 years

3) Prince William and Princess Catherine's children are named George, Charlotte and Louis

4) The Service of Thanksgiving will be at St Paul’s Cathedral

5) George VI died at Sandringham

6) Prime Minister Winston Churchill greeted Princess Elizabeth at the airport

7) Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh married in 1947 at Westminster Abbey

8) Although she officially has two, the Queen's actual birthday is 21 April

9) George III is the third longest-reigning monarch

10) The Birthday Parade is more commonly known as Trooping the Colour


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