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The Top Gaming Show in the UK

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For the gaming aficionado residing in the United Kingdom, you’d better save some work holiday spared in the year ahead and keep your weekend plans limited because the gaming show calendar is stacked with can’t-miss events, conventions, festivals, and competitive eSports.

For those unaware of what the UK has to offer regarding gaming events, fear not; we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the top gaming shows you cannot miss.

So, with that said, come along as we guide gamers to new friendships, innovative technology, game releases, eSports mayhem, and immersive storytelling. Whether you're an experienced player or just interested, let’s explore the top gaming shows in Great Britain.


Game Show Type: Festival

Dates: March/April

Founded in 1999, this renowned festival has become one of the biggest gaming events in the UK, providing a wide range of activities and entertainment. It takes place every year in Birmingham and draws gamers, developers, content producers, and industry professionals from across the globe.

Featuring the newest video games, competitive tournaments, and informative discussions, the event offers something for all attendees. In addition to gaming experiences, the festival cultivates a feeling of community via a welcoming setting, and cosplay is encouraged for those willing to impersonate their favourite gaming characters.

Overall, the Insomnia Gaming Festival is a gathering where gamers get together to interact and express their passion for gaming all under one roof. It is simply an unmissable event on the UK video-gaming calendar.

League of Legends Worlds 2024

Game Show Type: eSports Competition

Dates: November

The League of Legends Worlds finals, considered one of the largest esports events in 2024, will be held in The O2 Arena on November 2nd, 2024.

The event will occur 18 months after MSI 2023, which occurred in London's Copperbox Arena last May, and nine years after the 2015 Worlds quarterfinals at London's Wembley Arena.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend one of the most popular eSports competitions in history because its position on the UK schedule isn’t guaranteed, and who knows how long it’ll be before LoL Worlds returns to British soil.

Comic Con Manchester

Game Show Type: Comic/Gaming/Film Exhibition

Dates: July

Comic-Con quickly gained global popularity, and the Manchester edition of this cherished event is influential. This event will be memorable for cosplayers, gamers, comic enthusiasts, anime fans, and card players.

Each year, a prestigious roster of appearances, speakers, and spectacular cosplay contests will be included at the event. Vendors from the UK and beyond will sell gaming- and movie-related items, excellent food, and opportunities for socialising with like-minded people.

London Blockchain Conference

Game Show Type: Conference

Dates: May

Blockchain technology is increasingly establishing a lasting presence in the gaming industry, facilitating video game transactions and protecting the data of the best online slots in the UK.

Professionals from the online gaming and gambling sectors may participate in the conference at Queen Elizabeth 2 Centre in London to stay updated on the newest advancements in the industry and the ongoing enhancements in blockchain technology for secure data storage. Listen to the most intelligent individuals in the industry and discover the latest cutting-edge technology in the field.

The London Games Festival

Game Show Type: Gaming Festival

Dates: April

The London Games Festival is a yearly event commemorating video games and interactive entertainment. The festival typically occurs in April and spans around ten days, with events and activities dispersed over London.

Fans will discover many events, such as game displays, interactive installations, speeches by industry experts, esports contests, and more. Attendees may anticipate seeing the most recent video game launches and getting the chance to play titles before their public release. Don’t miss The Games Character Parade, a prominent festival event that allows participants to wear costumes of their favourite video game characters and parade through the streets of London.

Educational programmes are available for children and families, along with networking and professional development opportunities for those in the gaming business. The London Games Festival draws industry professionals and players worldwide, providing an excellent chance to engage and network within the gaming community.

The festival aims to highlight the cultural importance of video games in the entertainment industry and their potential for educational and social influence.

Comic Con London

Game Show Type: Comic/Gaming/Film Exhibition

Dates: May

For those unwilling to travel north of the UK, fear not; Comic Con is so popular that multiple versions of this exhibition are held throughout the country.

It’s an event that brings together enthusiasts of comics, movies, TV programmes, video games, and pop culture. This event, held yearly in London, unites fans, cosplayers, celebrities, and industry experts for a memorable experience. Attendees will experience another reality where your beloved characters become real at Comic-Con. Dynamic booths display the most recent comics, collectables, and goods. Comic-Con is a centre of creativity and pop culture, including celebrity visitors, seminars, and artist exchanges.

Game Dev Heroes

Game Show Type: Gaming Creators Convention

Dates: July

Visit Brighton in July for the Game Dev Here’s conference. This event is a tribute to the designers of beloved games and aims to recognise individuals in the industry who excel beyond others.

Every year, the event brings together the often-underappreciated heroes of the UK gaming industry, including developers and support personnel, to celebrate their work. Annually, awards are distributed during the conference, and the list of nominees is revealed shortly before the event.

For everyone in the gaming business, it’s an essential event to mark on your calendar and ensure you register and purchase tickets online since some events have a limited attendance capacity. You wouldn't want to miss the opportunity.

EGX London

Game Show Type: Gaming Convention

Dates: October

EGX, often known as EGX London, is a significant gaming conference that typically takes place from late October to November. There is a diverse range of gaming events in the UK and London, and this is among the most popular.

This convention offers various activities, including playable demonstrations of future releases, tournament events with prizes, cosplay, merchandising, independent games, and vintage games. Additionally, a job fair is available for anyone interested in entering the business.

The event was formerly located in Birmingham at the NEC but has since relocated to London at the ExCel venue.


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