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This Month I'm Channelling:

Kate Moss

“When I think about Kate-like accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is a spray of stars — perhaps influenced by dim memories of her infamous 34-hour birthday party and the sumptuous star-print Chanel she wore”
Kate Moss icon

September traditionally heralds the start of the new season, and in Fash-Mag-Land the September issue is the pinnacle of the fashion year.

Who else to inspire me this month than eternal goddess, Kate Moss? From nineties grunge to 'teenies' dont-give-a-damn, Mossy is 'goals': she clearly adores fashion, but what she actually has is style, in spades. Her look evolves, it doesn't change from month to month or season to season, but there are some perennials which make up the Moss look, and this is what I'm going to attempt to emulate this month. Of course, I can't reference her without a little consideration to some of her bon-mots and whilst they haven't exactly always been on message (I honestly couldn't comment on whether 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' myself), I both admire and aspire to live by "Never Complain, Never Explain."

Make-up Inspo

Watching Kate age has been a curiously joyful process. From early gamine gap-toothed sprite, her extraordinarily beautiful face has evolved over time and she inhabits her features with grace and aplomb. Moss has hitherto revealed that a quick facial dip in a bucket of ice does wonders for her complexion, but she's also a fan- and the face- of Japanese super-brand Decorté. Available online and instore at Selfridges, products are spendy but packed with effective ingredients based on their Vi-Fusion Formula (which contains skin permeable micro-minerals derived from geo-thermal waters). The skincare makes some serious claims, but for an instant hit I'm going with their Soft Powder Foundation F90 (available in a credibly broad range of tones and shades online or from Selfridges). I hope that it will help my post-holiday skin look velvety and hydrated whilst I'm finessing my Autumn skincare regimen.

Accessory of choice

When I think about Kate-like accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is a spray of stars- perhaps influenced by dim memories of her infamous 34-hour birthday party and the sumptuous star-print Chanel she wore. That night she was also sporting a gold-painted star across her eye with clear reference to the now late, great and much-missed David Bowie. This brought to mind a Ziggy-style lightning bolt, and so in homage to Kate’s homage, I have my eye on this rather subtle but no less impactful sliver of 18 karat gold-plated sterling silver, studded with pave sapphires: The Mini Lightning Bolt Biography Pendant by British designer, Astley Clark, £70. From their website I learned that the lightning bolt is considered a symbol of creativity, which is just how I like to approach September with its back to school/work vibe.


Full disclaimer alert: this scent is most often found in the aftershave section (although I believe it is officially categorised as shared/unisex). If this is causing you alarm, please avert your eyes now. If, however, you’re rather in favour of breaking a few rules and you adore strong, startling fragrances, get ready to welcome your new BFF (best fragrance friend) – Miller Harris – Feuilles de Tabac £75/50ml. This is a perfume that takes me from 0-100 in one spritz. It’s not one to wear on gentle floaty days when you’re feeling pure of heart and intent, but if you mean business and want to make an unforgettable impression it’s a winner. The rule-breaking starts with its tobacco base note, which hit hard with smoky warmth. Don’t worry about smelling like an old ashtray- there’s not even a teeny hint of it. The effect is tempered by green notes from sage and pine-needles with spicy woody undertones all mellowed by the addition on Tonka bean (a vanilla-like sweetness). It doesn’t exactly smell like a night on the rive-gauche, but it would certainly equip you for one, should it be on offer. Slightly faggy, very naughty. Total Moss.


I’ll be honest, I’m writing this in the heatwave with all doors and windows open, swathed in cool cotton and the very thought of a coat seems, frankly, implausible. However, I came across the Dassie Jacket (£119) by online luxury clothing and lifestyle store Plümo, and simply couldn’t resist. It’s a great, sling-it-on style to buy now confident in the knowledge that its mid-length will see you through to Spring, keeping chill winds at bay with its cosy funnel neck. It’s got the requisite level of fluffiness (or pile) but the close-cut tailored shape will keep tings neat and stylish. It’s going to look equally great buttoned up for winter or worn open before the chill sets in. Plus, nothing but nothing evokes KM style more than a great dash of Leopard.

Finishing touch

Ok, so this is not what you would call ‘quiet fashion’. These boots are a statement-making marriage of metallic, fringe and danger. However, a boot is a truly trans-seasonal item and if it helps, think of gold (or silver) as a neutral. Say it in your head a few times and then slip your feet into these beauties and go forth in style with confidence and self-belief. The fringe makes a delightful swish when stomping over hearts and minds, and I know the heel looks vertiginous, but the fully supportive vamp is going to do wonders for the- whisper it- comfort factor. Pair them with skinny jeans or cropped pants, but also skirts or dresses of any length. Personally, I fully believe that one should always put one’s best foot forward at the start of each season. AND/OR fringe-heeled boots are £129 and available instore at John Lewis from October.


Thu 9 May 2024

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